Conclusion - Pros

  • The best image quality, high resolution, colour and gray balance
  • A "reference camera"
  • Very fast and responsive in use
  • Very fast and responsive in the menu system
  • Ergonimical design and controls layout
  • Advanced feature set
  • Depth-of-field AE
  • Custom white balance
  • Shooting modes: Program / Aperture priority / Shutter priority / Full manual / Bulb
  • 24Mb internal buffer
  • True SLR digital
  • 3.5fps Burst mode
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Ability to take 2 x Type I or II and 1 x Type III storage device
  • Complete professional photography solution...
  • The most flexible digital camera on the market... (at this time)
  • ... too many to list ...

Conclusion - Cons

  • Blue channel can sometimes be noisy
  • Could do with being about 0.5Kg lighter
  • Could do with being about 100mm shorter
  • Could do with being about $5,000 cheaper ;-)

The Final Word

How much can I say about this camera? I love it.

From beginning to end, handling, using and just being around this camera is a complete treat, everyone who sees it is amazed by the true feeling of quality, it's the Jaguar of the digital photography world where all else are Fords. I've never handled a camera which inspires creativity and instant feedback the way this camera does, within a second of taking the image you're seeing the preview (and/or histogram) the power of this to photographers cannot be valued, if using your digital camera brought you new levels of creativity then using this camera would inspire you to become a professional photographer full-time (but then, you wouldn't be considering this camera at this price unless you already where, would you?)

There are just so many features in this camera I'm sure I've not done it complete justice in this review, I could write a book on what you can do with this camera, anyone who knows what you can do with a quality SLR will realise what you get when you combine one of the best SLR's (Canon EOS-1n) with the CCD, electronics and photography experience of Kodak. True pedigree.

Kodak go on, producing the highest quality digital camera in the world, trying to ignore the price this camera not only produces but is a work of art.

Most, Hugely, Very, Highly recommended.