Review (play) display and menu

Switching to review mode quickly displays a "rough image" of the last shot taken. After about one second a cleaner full image is displayed (you can interrupt this process by pressing the left or right arrow).
Pressing the menu button displays the familiar Kodak combined menu / thumbnail system, along the bottom are displayed up to 3 thumbnail images, down the left edge a menu and in the center a cropped version of the currently selected image. Selecting the magnify option causes the camera to load more image data (takes about 2.5 seconds)
After which time a full screen two times magnified view of the image is displayed. Use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. Pressing OK again magnifies up to four times.

Delete, selecting it allows you to delete the current image or all images.
Protect, allows the toggling of delete protection (set file attributes to read-only) for the current image, a small padlock icon indicates that the image is protected and cannot be accidentally deleted (except by formatting the card).
Slide show, begins a slide show of all images on the CF card (delay between images can be set) Print Order, supports DPOF print ordering for later printing of images on a compatible printer.
Picture Info, displays a variety of information about the current image (composite animation shown above)

Setup menu

The Setup menu controls remaining camera operation and major functions.

Detailed below.

Options Notes
Power Save Off
• On

When enabled power save controls the power off time, LCD brightness and LCD refresh rate:
Standard - 30fps, Normal Brightness
On - 15fps, Low Brightness

Digital Zoom Continuous
Camera Sounds Off
Selected On
All On
Date/Time Set Set date & time
Video Out NTSC
PAL (Europe)
(European model)
Format Card Continue Format
Reset Camera Continue
About Camera..

Kodak DC4800 Zoom
Firmware Ver: 1.04