CompactFlash Compartment

Behind a simple if slightly cheap feeling plastic door you'll find the CompactFlash slot directly above this is the CF activity light an indication of when it's not a good idea to remove the card At first it's not obvious how you'd remove the CF card once inserted, behind the door there's no eject button, this is cunningly hidden on the base of the camera (just like the DC280) and requires a stiff push to eject the card (even the door will pop open on its own).


On the left side of the camera are all the connections, visible without opening the connections cover is the flash sync (PC) terminal which can be used to fire external flash equipment. Behind the connections door are the USB, AV and DC power-in connectors. It's a shame Kodak didn't come up with a neater way to connect the external power without having to open this door (every time) maybe a docking station (could also contain the USB connector...).

Tripod Mount

Another case of "why there?", I can't isolate Kodak as so many digital camera manufacturers have fallen into the same unfortunate trap. However as you can see looking at this base there's no reason why Kodak couldn't have put the tripod mount in line with the center of the lens, positioned where it is it's (a) impossible to change the battery while mounted on a tripod (arguably you can run the camera off AC), (b) eject the CF card and (c) take good panoramas using a tripod. Oh, and it's plastic...

Pop-up Flash

The 4800's pop-up flash is nicely hidden in the angled design, a short tug on the flash lever pops it up and charges it ready for use. It's located far enough away from the lens to (probably) give good anti redeye performance.

The flash has a rated range of 3.2m.

Supplied In the Box

The contents of the retail box are: (may vary by region)

  • Kodak DC4800 Digital Camera
  • KLIC-3000 Lithium-Ion battery
  • AC adapter/charger (110-240V)
  • 16 MB CompactFlash card
  • Lens cap & string
  • Neck strap
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Kodak DC4800 CD-ROM
    • USB driver
  • User Manual

Kodak Accessories

CompactFlash: "Picture Card"
CF Card -> PC Card adapter Deluxe Case

Parallel Card Reader
USB Card Reader SCSI Card Reader (Mac)

DC4800 Lens Adapter
Provides 43mm thread

Wide Angle Lens *

Telephoto Lens *

Close up (Macro) lenses *
A +7 and +10 diopter set (can be doubled up)
Lens Kit *
(Close up, Telephoto, Wide Angle lenses)

* Require 43mm Lens Adapter
+ Availability of accessories may vary by region.