A radical design change compared to the DC260/265/290. Kodak hit the press rooms with the DC4800 on 6th June this year, with a 3x optical zoom, 3 megapixel sensor and various manual features (though not overloaded) the DC4800 marked a new design and marketing ethos for Kodak. Looking far more traditional than their previous "square front" designs, the DC4800 has the curvy lines and cool metallic finish you'd expect of a quality product.

The DC4800 also doesn't feature the Digita operating system Kodak implemented in the DC260/ 265/ 290 series, the use of which has always been a mixed blessing.

FIRMWARE UPDATE: Half way through this review Kodak released firmware version 1.04, this review is now based on a camera using that firmware, all comparison images were re-shot using this new firmware and all timings updated (no changes).