REVIEW controls, display & menu

This is the LCD in Review mode, the file number (running sequence number) is shown top left along with the date and time of the shot and the mode (the little icon on the right). Softkey options are Delete and Magnify. Magnifying the image you can scroll around it using the four-way controller (you can't magnify until the camera has loaded the full image from the CF card.. about 12 seconds).

Magnifying 2x, you can go one more level in (3x magnification), which again causes a refresh delay as the camera "paints" the higher resolution image.

Pressing DISPLAY switches to this (rather limited) thumbnail mode which gives you three thumbnails and status information about the selected information.

At this stage I'd decided that either Kodak or Flashpoint (Digita authors) hadn't spent any time at all preparing the new O/S for the DC290, why couldn't we have a 3x3 thumbnail display??? Sigh.

Entering MENU mode displays the following menus:

Section Sub-Menu Sub-Menu Options

 Move to Album
New Album... Create new album (text entry)

Overlay... Show Overlays (On, Off)
Slideshow... Duration (1 sec - 99 secs)
Image Sound (On, Off)
Loop (On, Off)
Video... Video Out (NTSC, PAL)
Playback... Burst (1 sec - 10 secs)
Timelapse (1 sec - 10 secs)
Album (1 sec - 10 secs)
Format Card... Format Card / Cancel

 Picture Protection
Undo Protection

 Camera to Camera
Send... Continue / Cancel
Receive... Waiting for connection... / Stop

 Kodak Scripts
 (supplied scripts)
Print Order Rearrange images into correct print order

Whatever applications are on the CF card


Connect mode simply sets the camera up to connect either by wire (USB, Serial) or via IrDA. Note that the camera can still operate (apart from the LCD display) in this mode, as it can be controlled from the desktop computer.

INFO mode

Info mode simply displays copyright and version information, in the case of the camera I had for review it was:

Version 1.0.2
©1999, Eastman Kodak Company

Digita OE by FlashPoint Technology