The Good

The DC280 took suprirsingly (for this price point) good photographs. The model I had (potential pre-release bugs) did have some trouble with over-exposing very bright scenes, however generally speaking the camera took very nice photos. Noticeable was the vividness of colour captured and the cameras excellent ability to get a very good white balance (something which even the best digicams normally have trouble with).

Overall I was very happy with the DC280, it produce clear, well defined, well balance and vividly coloured photos.

Artifacts / Errors

Glad to report, no barrel distortion, the DC280 has an excellent lens system, if a little limited it's great for group / landscape shooting (30mm) and ok for portraits at 60mm. Also, no noticeable chromatic aberrations.

It's not as sharp or as flexible as (say) the Coolpix 950 (a very different beast), and does suffer from the same flat-object JPEG noise seen on other Kodak Digicams.

JPEG artifacts / low-light noise

The artifacts you can see left are a combination of AUTO ISO pushing the CCD up to ISO 200 (deliberate, I disabled the flash), and the strange JPEG artifacts which can be found on many shots taken with Kodak cameras (Kodak - what's wrong with your Jpeg algorithm??)

Over-exposure in bright light

This shot taken outside on a very bright hot sunny day is a good example of the occasional over-exposure the cameras built-in metering system suffered from, this could be down to the pre-release model I had.