Battery Compartment

Battery compartment (click for larger image) Battery compartment (click for larger image)
The battery compartment is located on the base in the handgrip, the cover is opened by sliding outwards and the batteries are arranged in a square formation.

Compact Flash Compartment

Compact Flash compartment (click for larger image) Compact Flash compartment (click for larger image)

Kudos to Kodak. Firstly, they put the CF compartment on the side of the camera (where it always should be..), secondly they put it the right way around so that the little finger "lip" on the back is not blocked by the door, and thirdly and probably most impressive (and just so simple) there's actually an eject lever on the bottom of the camera (shown in the right-hand image here) which not only ejects the card but pushes the door open, you can literally aim the camera at your camera bag, flip the eject and drop the CF card straight in there... About time! Other manufacturers take note.. we're fed up of having to use our nails to pull CF cards out...

The *only* thing they missed is that this is a CF type I slot which means it can't take some of the (much) bigger storage drives (like IBM's 340MB microdrive and 320MB flash devices).


Connections (click for larger image)

On left hand side of the camera behind individual rubber doors are the following connectors:

DC in - external power supply.

Video out - for use with included video cable for connectivity to VCR / TV.

Serial - RS232 / RS432 and USB connector (use different cable).

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

At the time of writing this review the only item available to me is the camera itself, however I'm told that the kit is the same as the DC240, which would mean:

  • Kodak DC280 Zoom Digital Camera
  • Hand strap / lens cap (with string)
  • 8MB Compact Flash card
  • 4 AA Alkaline batteries
  • 4 AA NiMH rechargable batteries + charger
  • USB cable (PC / Mac)
  • Serial cable (PC / Mac)
  • Video out cable
  • Quick-start guide, Manuals
  • Kodak Picture Easy (Win)
  • TWAIN driver (Win)
  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe & PageMill (Win / Mac)
  • Camera Mounter Software for win95, win98 and NT4.0
  • Photoshop-compatible plug-in and acquire driver (Mac)