Connections (click for larger image)On the left hand side of the camera are all connections in one convenient bunch.

Top in this image is the external flash synch port (super-imposed), directly below is the combined AV port which splits out to video and audio using the supplied cable. Next to this is the multi-i/o port which can double as PC serial, MAC serial and USB. Next to this we have the DC power input connector.


Cables (click for larger image)

I haven't yet talked about the packaging or what you get "in the box" (below) but Kodak really know how to how to package a complete "kit" and the range of standard cables suplied is a great example of this, from left to right we have USB (Windows 98 / iMac) cable, RS232 (PC) cable, RS422 (MAC) cable and AV (VCR / TV) cable. All standard.

In the box

In a new addition to my reviews I realised that I have previously left out what you get as the complete kit, it also gives me an opportunity to (briefly) cover included software (often this is difficult for cameras which haven't been released as I'll only receive the camera)...

So in the box, other than the camera, lens cap, hand strap and above-mentioned cables are:

Battery charger is rated as 2.8V @ 220mA x 2 and can be used on supplies from 100-240V - 50/60Hz. The manual states that it can be used to charge any NiCd or NiMH batteries up to 1450mAH. A full charge can take 8 hours.

(I preferred to use my Maha C204F charger which only took 4 hours to charge the batteries). The charger also comes with four different power connectors which cunningly fit "hard" into the top of the charger (much like Kodak Professional equipment).

Four 1450mAH NiMH rechargable batteries (they did last longer than my GP 1300mAH, just).

A sensibly sized 16MB Kodak "Picture Card" (CF card).
(click for large image)

An excellent set of manuals both for the camera, connectivity and the "Picture Easy" software included.

CD's with drivers (Win95/98/NT and Mac), Camera properties, Camera mounter, Digita desktop, Picture Easy software, Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.0 & Adobe PageMill 3 (both Windows and Mac versions)

(click for large image)   (click for large image) And a very handy camera quick reference guide which is small enough to take out in the field.

Kodak get an A+ for providing the first time user everything they need to get going. The addition of USB and IrDA connectivity means that (non Windows NT4) users will be able to transfer images quickly (no more sluggish serial transfers and no immediate need for a CompactFlash reader).