• Excellent image quality (detailed, sharp and vivid colours)
  • No sign of dreaded chromatic aberration (purple fringing)
  • Comfortable to handle (good ergonomics)
  • High speed burst mode
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Excellent internal flash
  • External flash sync connector
  • Great software pack included
  • USB and IrDA connectivity
  • Supplied batteries & charger
  • Fairly fast processing
  • Digita - enables excellent flexibility
  • Value for money


  • Poor update rates for LCD, bad "smearing" effect when moving
  • Sometimes "Out of range" focus problems for close objects
  • Narrow shutter speed range (1/4s - 1/400s)
  • Still no uncompressed mode
  • Menu system is sometimes laborious, more features on the outside of the camera would have been useful
  • Poor low light performance (sensitivity boost would have been useful)
  • Poor featureset, aperture and shutter priority should be built-in features
  • Odd shape can make the camera feel "big"
  • Fixed LCD
  • Noisy lens / zoom motor
  • Slow startup
  • Shutter release lag

Overall Conclusion

Detail Rating (out of 10)
Construction 8
Features 7
Image quality 8
Lens / CCD combination 8
Ease of use 7 (Menus can be laborious)
Value for money 8 (More features please)
Inspiration 8

I like the Kodak DC265, it's a really satisfying camera, you take a shot knowing that 99% of the time it'll come out looking just how you intended it, plus really vivid colours and sharp details. If you can do without the extra features of the newer cameras and the slow LCD update rate the DC265 is a great camera.

Above Average

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Kodak DC265