The Good The Bad
  • Good exposure, color and dynamic range across the ISO range
  • Well-balanced noise reduction and very good image quality at higher ISOs
  • Sharp lenses across the frame
  • Excellent image detail in Raw files
  • Fast and accurate AF
  • Well-structured camera app with lots of features and functions
  • Manual controls and DNG Raw
  • Fine-tunable color response
  • Good stitching and very little ghosting in panorama mode
  • Good front camera with powerful display flash function
  • Smooth and responsive overall operation
  • Compact design with small bezels
  • Premium build quality
  • microSD support
  • Noticeable luminance noise at base ISO
  • Panorama images only cover 180 degrees
  • Strong NR and compression in video mode, especially in low light
  • Slightly shaky panning in video mode
  • 4K videos cannot be processed by Youtube
  • Display visibility not great in bright light
  • Battery life

Overall Conclusion 

The Huawei P10 combines a beautifully made metal body and powerful processing with a very capable camera. Thanks to Huawei's new Kirin 960 chipset the P10 always feels smooth and responsive in general operation, and the Leica-branded dual-camera offers very good still image quality across the ISO range, especially in lower light conditions.

Those who like trying out new functions and tinkering with image files will enjoy the P10 camera app. Its dual-cam features offer potential for experimentation and Raw files provide a good margin for image quality optimization. We weren't too impressed by the P10's video output and the device's battery life, but if moving pictures aren't a priority and you don't mind charging at some point during a busy day, the Huawei P10 is a great option for mobile photographers, especially if you like a device that fits into smaller pockets.

Features & Operation 

Thanks to the P10's camera app's intuitive structure it works well for both casual snapshooters and advanced mobile photographers who like to make the most of all controls and features at their hand. Tapping on the preview screen allows for easy setting of focus point and exposure target, but if you want additional control over the capture process, Pro mode gives you manual controls for all essential settings.

If you prefer optimizing your images in post-production the P10's Raw files offer good potential for fine-tuning. They can be recorded in addition to a JPG, so you have the latter available for instant sharing and can produce an optimized version of the same image at a later stage, using the Raw file.

Panorama mode produces smaller images than some competitors and only covers a 180 degree angle of view. However, stitching quality is very good and it deals very well with changes of brightness in the scene and moving subjects. The P10's dual-cam related features, such as wide aperture and portrait mode are of a little more gimmicky nature but the simulated depth-of-field effect works better than on some competitors and can be fun to play with. Overall, the P10's imaging feature set is one of the most comprehensive of all current high-end smartphones. 

Image Quality 

In terms of image quality we are seeing a similar pattern on the P10 as we did on its predecessor P9. Image quality in bright light is very good, with pleasant colors and good exposure in all conditions. The camera also deals better with high-contrast scenes than many rivals. On the downside, luminance noise is clearly visible in blue skies, even at base ISO, and the JPEG-engine smears some fine detail with a mixture of strong noise reduction and sharpening.  

Where the P10 really shines is in low light though. The camera achieves good exposures even in very dark situations and maintains a very good balance between detail retention and noise reduction up to the highest ISO levels. Unfortunately the P10's video cannot quite keep up with the still images. The footage looks a little soft, with fairly low levels of detail in bright light and deteriorates as the light gets dimmer. 

The Final Word

The Huawei packs a lot of imaging performance and features into a premium quality package with fairly compact dimensions. If you shoot a lot of video there are better options around, for example the Google Pixel, iPhone 7 or OnePlus 3T (after its latest software update) but in terms of still images the Huawei gets very close to the best, especially in low light.

If you like the P10 but would prefer a bigger screen with a higher resolution, the P10 Plus might be what you are looking for. It comes with a 5.5" Quad-HD display but has otherwise very similar specs to the P10.

Huawei P10
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Screen Quality
Ergonomics and Handling
Video Quality
Still Image Quality
Speed and Responsiveness
The Huawei P10 combines good imaging performance and features with premium build quality and fairly compact dimensions. There are better options around for video shooters but the P10 performs very well in stills mode, especially in lower light. The DNG Raw files offer a lot of potential for image quality optimization as well.
Good for
Low-light shooting, Raw capture and playing with camera features
Not so good for
Video-shooting and busy days without recharging opportunities
Overall score

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