Image Quality Compared (Studio - Low Light)


The HTC One X struggles with white balance when we turn the lights down on our studio scene, giving an unnaturally warm color cast when compared against the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. Image detail, however, is second only to the class-leading Nokia PureView 808, which is impressive considering the One X is reporting a higher ISO sensitivity than its competitors here. Again we take issue with HTC's heavy-handed approach to sharpening. For web viewing and very small prints this approach will admittedly have a bit more 'pop'. But viewed at a 100% magnification,  the artifacts and halos become obvious. The Samsung Galaxy SIII gives relatively smooth tones, but a lot of detail is smoothed away as well, and compared to the other cameras in this comparison, the S III's output just looks slightly soft overall.

The Nokia 808 Pureview - again - gives the best image quality of the lot, offering detail resolution at a reported ISO 400 that is far superior to the other cameras in this selection when examined closely. Its color rendition isn't very attractive though - the 808's exposure is cool to the point of being rather lifeless, which is especially bad news for skin tones.