Image Quality Compared: Landscape


The HTC One X produces a relatively saturated, high contrast image at its default settings. Shadow details are much less visible here than in either the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. The One X maintains reasonably good corner sharpness though. Its metering system produces a decent exposure, viewed in isolation but it is clear that it is delivering a slightly darker image than the other cameras in this comparison. In normal use though, exposures are spot-on. The One X falls far short of the class-leading dynamic range of the Nokia 808 and its unique PureView oversampling. HTC has opted for an aggressive wide radius sharpening. When viewed at 100%, halos and other artifacts are obvious. White balance is fairly pleasing, if a bit warm, but in general we prefer this to an overly cool white balance such as can be seen from the Nokia 808 Pure View and (to a lesser extent) the Samsung Galaxy S III.