In this well-lit scene the HTC with its comparatively low megapixel count cannot nearly capture as much detail as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The image is also a tad over sharpened, showing some processing artifacts and struggles resolving our resolution chart. Looking at this scene it's obvious that in good light the HTC One's “ultrapixels” don’t offer any advantage over the more pixel-dense sensors of the competition.

In this comparison the Samsung Galaxy S4 can clearly take advantage of its 13MP sensor and beats the competition in terms of captured detail. The image is pretty clean of artifacts with very little noise. Sharpening is strong but within acceptable limits. The S4 also shows very good sharpness across the frame. Overall this is quite an impressive performance in good light by Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

The iPhone image is a little softer and grainier overall, with more luminance noise in plain-colored areas of the scene and more moire artifacts than the Samsung. That said, Apple strikes a decent balance of noise reduction and preservation of detail, generating an overall pleasant image. The Nokia Lumia 920, on the other hand, shows more luminance noise than the rest and combined with pretty strong sharpening this creates a slightly overprocessed look.