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Raw capture

In Pro mode you can set the HTC 10 to capture DNG Raw files. When tapping on the edit icon in Google Photos you get the option to apply "Raw Enhancement" which is a fully automated Raw development app that edits color, contrast and other parameters of your images in a way that its algorithm thinks is best. Usually the results are not too far off an out-of-camera JPEG but shooting Raw only to let the file auto-process by an app is of course missing the point.

Despite some editing apps, for example Snapseed, now offering Raw editing you are still best off editing your Raw images in desktop software such as Adobe Camera Raw. For the sample below we used the latter to apply some fine sharpening for extra detail and modify white balance for a slightly warmer color response. We also applied some negative exposure compensation and highlight recovery to reduce the highlight clipping in bright areas of the frame.

As you can see in the full-size images it is possible to improve the out-of-camera JPEGs by converting Raw files but the difference is not huge. We could squeeze a tiny amount of extra details out of the DNGs and fine low-contrast textures definitely look better when viewed up-close. If you want to optimize your images for printing or large-scale display, shooting and converting Raw is a good option but don't expect DSLR-like flexibility when it comes to parameter adjustment.

Out-of-camera JPEG, ISO 100, 1/1800 sec Converted Raw File
100% crop 100% crop

Gallery and Editing

Google Photo crops thumbnails to square format

The HTC 10 does away with a proprietary gallery app and instead relies on Google Photos which, for many users, makes a lot of sense. Google Photos's cloud syncing means that you'll have access to your image on all devices and computers and the Android app offers many of the sorting and editing options of other gallery apps.

Editing options Filter effects

Those who are serious about on-device editing are likely to resort to third-party apps, such as Snapseed, though. Nevertheless, the app is a decent starting point and an obvious choice for those who are also using Google Photos on other devices.

Tapping on the Info button reveals a basic Exif-data sheet