Capture (record) display

It's worth noting that the 935's live view display isn't as smooth or as fast as most digital cameras. It seems to have a relatively slow refresh rate (15 fps?) and can often 'stutter' (be frozen for a second) if the camera is busy (notably after half-pressing the shutter release to AF / AE).

Here you can see a typical live view in Auto exposure mode. Overlaid information in this case is macro focus mode, flash canceled, battery status, 190 frames remaining, three star image quality, 5 MP size.

Half press the shutter release and the camera will attempt to auto focus and lock the exposure. In this case AF was successful as indicated by the green AF bracket. The exposure is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and in this case a shake warning icon because of the slow shutter speed. After taking the shot (fully depressing the shutter release) a review image is shown of the image being written to the SD card, you can at this stage press the OK button to delete the image (click here) before it is finalized.
Here is an example of aperture priority mode, there are actually only two selectable apertures at any focal length. At wide angle these are F2.6 or F5.0 and at telephoto F4.8 or F9.0. Half press the shutter release to see the metered shutter speed. An example of one of the three scene modes, in this case portrait scene mode which will attempt to use large apertures to produce a short depth of field and 'blur' the background.
An example of movie record mode. The 935 has a unique method for initiating movie recording, a dedicated 'movie start' button which means you can capture a movie in any exposure mode. When changing exposure compensation (left or right arrow buttons) the current compensation is displayed on the screen along with a the 'EXPOSURE COMPENSATION' label.
Here you can see how the capture menu (described on the next page) appears over the live view image. Here's an example of Manual preset white balance, select 'Manual' from the white balance menu, aim at a white object and half-press the shutter release to take a white balance reading.

Information display

When changing focus mode or flash mode settings (buttons on the top of the camera) the LCD monitor briefly displays this information 'summary' screen which gives you an instant overview of the current camera setup. Here we have animated it as it would be if you were scrolling through the flash modes.

Play display

This is the default Play mode display, frame count is indicated in the bottom right of the image. Use the left and right cursors on the 4-way controller to browse through images. This was difficult to capture as it takes less than a second. The 935 uses a 'smooth scroll' between images, sliding the next image on from the left or the right and pushing the current image off the screen.
Press the OK button to display the play menu over the image. Here you can see an audio clip being recorded and 'attached' to the image taken.
Selecting delete from the menu displays this option page, you can delete this image, all images or format the SD card. Selecting magnify from the menu switches to this 4x magnification view, use the 4-way controller to scroll around the magnified image.
Select the Image Info menu option to display detailed information overlaid on the image view. Pressing the Image Mark button allows you to mark the image for printing (one or two copies) and/or transmission by e-mail.