Record Menu

Pressing the MENU button in record mode overlays the record menu over the live scene preview (black background used for clarity).

Navigate the menu using the up and down cursors on the 4-way controller, you can change a setting by either pressing the left / right cursor or pressing OK to enter the setting menu. For example to change exposure mode either press left / right or press OK to enter the exposure mode setup menu.

Record Menu Options

Record menu Options Notes
Exposure Mode
 • Auto
 • Action
 • Landscape
 • Portrait
 • Av - Aperture Priority
 • Tv - Shutter Priority

- Selects faster shutter speeds
- Small apertures for depth of field
- Large apertures for blurred background

White Balance
 • Auto
 • Sun
 • Shade
 • Tungsten
 • Fluorescent
 • Manual
AE Metering
 • Average
 • Center-Weighted
 • Spot
ISO Speed
 • Auto
 • ISO 100
 • ISO 200
 • Full Color
 • Black & White
 • Sepia
 • 4 MP - 2272 x 1712
 • 1 MP - 1136 x 848
 • - Best
 • - Better
 • - Good
Setup Enters Setup menu (see below)  

Play Menu

Pressing the MENU button in play mode overlays the play menu over the displayed image (black background used for clarity).

Move up and down the options and press OK to select.

Play Menu Options

Record menu Options
Audio clip
 • Play
 • Cancel
 • This Image
 • All Images
 • Format Card
Magnify  • Ok
Setup Enters Setup menu (see below)

Setup Menu

The Setup menu is common to both Record and Play modes. It provides control over other camera functions and default values. As with the record menu you can change settings by pressing the left / right cursors or by pressing OK to display a specific setup page.

Setup Menu Options

Record menu Options
Audio Record
 • On
 • Off
Instant Review
 • Off
 • 2 seconds
 • 4 seconds
 • 6 seconds
 • High
 • Low
 • Off
Eye Start
 • On
 • Off
Date & Time
 • Set
 • Digital Camera (PTP)
 • Disk Drive (Mass Storage Device)
 • PAL
 • English
 • Deutsch
 • Espanol
 • Francais
 • Italiano