Play Menu

Pressing the Menu button in record mode immediately displays this 'play menu' with options specifically for the manipulation of images. Normally the last image taken will be shown 'behind' this menu (see previous page), however in this case we have used a black frame for clarity.

Play Menu Options

Option Values / Actions Notes
Audio  • Play

Replays an audio clip attached to the image (audio clips can only be attached at the time of shooting)

Delete  • Cancel
 • This Image
 • All Images
 • Format Card
Magnify  • Magnify (4x)  
Rotate  • Rotate 90° Takes several seconds, however this is the first camera to actually rotate the JPEG file!
Setup  • Enter Setup menu (See below)

Setup Menu

The Setup menu provides control over camera defaults and settings. Clearly the 812 is a very basic camera, and this is as advanced as the settings get.

Setup Menu Options

Option Values / Actions Notes
Quality  • (2272 x 1712 JPEG 5:1)
 • (2272 x 1712 JPEG 10:1)
 • (1136 x 856 JPEG 15:1)
 • (1136 x 856 JPEG 30:1)
Audio Record  • On
 • Off
When enabled the camera will record a five second audio clip with each shot.
Sounds  • High
 • Low
 • Off
When enabled the camera will make a fake 'curr-chunk' shutter noise as well as 'clicking' through menu options.
Date & Time  • Date
 • Time
 • Date format
USB  • Digital Camera
 • Disk Drive
 • PAL
Language  • English
 • Deutsch
 • Espanol
 • Francais
 • Italiano