The wrap up
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The wrap up

While the DS620Slim ultimately performs below the levels of the best full-sized Synology NAS enclosures it still offers more than enough speed and processing power for most photographers shooting still and video images, and will make a very good primary storage system for most of us.

As it is also so small and light it is ideal to take away for longer jobs when you need to create a network or share work with multiple individuals either to deliver finished results or to allow others to work on a project with you.

Filled with 5TB drives it will provide plenty of space even with the most cautious RAID configuration and for the $449 price tag it offers pretty good value for money. The value is not only in the actual enclosure, its lightweight and compact size, and the hardware included, but also in Synology’s excellent collection of applications that make getting to most out of its NAS units much easier.

The Synology DS620Slim is available now and costs $449. For more information see the Synology website.