Set up an SSD cache for faster data access
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Set up an SSD cache for faster data access

My unit came with two 480GB Seagate IronWolf 110 Enterprise-Class SSD drives that have read/write speeds of over 500 MB/sec. These will make the most of what the NAS can do and ensure it performs at its highest level, but they won’t allow the DS620Slim to exceed its approx. 200 MB/sec maximum speeds.

A good reason for using SSDs though is that it will allow you to set-up an SSD cache to help improve the time in which data can be accessed in the NAS.

As the DS620Slim doesn’t offer the PCle slot that some of the more advanced models do for this purpose, its ability to create SSD cache using the installed SSD storage in two of the bays will be useful to some users. Doing this reduces the time taken to find data and to start read/write processes, but it doesn’t improve read/write rates once the data is found and is being transferred. So, it will help find a giant video file but won’t help to move it more quickly.

You can dedicate two of the bays to run the SSD cache and then fill the other four with HDD media.