<strong>It isn't perfect...</strong>
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It isn't perfect...

Well, for $300, expecting absolute perfection is unrealistic, especially in the photo world. 

First, it isn't the sharpest lens out there. It's pretty good, but in the macro world there are better options. That said, none of them have those lovely lights and will probably cost more.

The lights and image stabilization aren't powerful enough to make this a hand-holdable macro, so don't make the mistake of expecting that. The handheld spider shot above illustrates the pitfalls of lighting exclusively with the on board LEDs.  

First, the light cast by the LEDs isn't particularly intense. It's bright enough to light subjects at minimum focus distance outdoors, but only when its overcast. Any direct sunlight will overpower the light and will make the lens' shadow very obvious. By itself, the light needs to be combined with a tripod, and should be thought of as a way to avoid the complications of a ring light system (batteries, cables, etc) instead of an all-purpose fill light.

Second, when working with a high reproduction ratio, depth of field is inherently incredibly shallow. The LED lights aren't bright enough to allow for stopping down for deep depth of field while shooting handheld in dim ambient light.