Video Mode

The Nexus 6 video interface could not be any more simple.

The Google Nexus 6 can capture 720p, 1080p Full-HD or 4K video clips. The resolution can be selected in the settings menu. Once in video mode the user interface is very simplistic, offering only minimal user control. You can overlay a framing grid on the live view image, turn on the video light or switch to the front camera for capturing a video selfie. Still images with a 16:9 aspect ratio can be captured during video recording by tapping anywhere on the live image.

Controls are limited to switching to the front camera, turning on the video light and a framing grid.
Users can choose from three video resolutions including 4K.

Video Sample 1: 1080p video in bright light

This video was taken hand-held in bright light. The footage is very smooth and shows good detail. However, there is a slight jittering that is most noticeable around the edges of the frame. Presumably it is caused by the optical image stabilization system which is otherwise doing a very good job at keeping things steady. Focus performs well without any hunting and the sound recording is clear.

Video Sample 2: 1080p video in low light

This clip was recorded hand-held at night. Again, the stabilization works well. The same jittering as in the first sample is noticeable but less pronounced. Image quality is very good with low levels of noise and good color. The metering system deals well with the illuminated night scene and sound quality is decent. 

Video Sample 3: 1080p video in very low ligh

The clip below was taken at night in very low light. There is noticeable luminance noise in the image but overall the camera does a good job at capturing a meaningful exposure in those conditions. The footage is very stable and smooth.

Video Sample 3: 4K video

Footage that has been captured in the Nexus 6's 4K video mode shows noticeably more detail than the 1080p clips and is equally smooth and well stabilized. However, in low-contrast areas of the frame, such as the trees in the background of this scene, strong blurring of detail and compression are visible.