On the left side of the camera you'll find a door behind which lurk the USB and A/V OUT connectors. Lower down on the left of this door is the DC-IN connector which is protected by a rubber 'plug'.


The S602Z features the same 6x optical zoom lens as the 6900Z and 4900Z. It's the extending type, that is at power up it extends from the main barrel to its normal operating length. It provides a 35 mm equivalent focal length range of 35 mm to 210 mm and an impressive maximum aperture of F2.8 - F3.1. That makes this lens not only useful (because of its 210 mm top end) but also fast, F3.1 is very impressive at this equiv. focal length.

Focusing and zoom are electronic (motorized).

Base / Tripod Mount

Fujifilm have vastly improved the position of the location of the tripod mount, it is now set in line with the center of the lens, approximately laterally located at the focal plane and has enough foot plate 'real estate' around it to ensure good contact and a firm grip from a tripod head. The mount nut itself is metal. Kudos to Fujifilm for listening.

Pop-up Flash

The pop-up flash on the S602Z has a quoted range of 0.2 - 4.7 m (7.8 in - 15.4 ft) at wide angle and 0.2 - 3.0 m (7.8 in - 9.8 ft) at telephoto. These figures are quoted at ISO 200, which is what the camera automatically selects when shooting with the flash in Auto exposure mode. Directly in front of the flash 'compartment' is the first part of the S602's AF system, the sensors behind this semitransparent window measure the AF distance 'roughly' and send the lens to that focus point, AF is then fine-tuned using traditional TTL contrast detect AF.

Flash Hotshoe

The flash hotshoe allows you to use external flash units or studio systems. The manual says "Flash units that can be used with this camera must meet the following three conditions: (1) The aperture can be set, (2) External flash synchronization can be used, (3) The ISO sensitivity can be set. The S602Z has an external flash white balance feature, go into the white balance menu, select manual white balance, aim the camera at a white sheet of paper and press the custom white balance button, the flash will fire and the camera will measure the white balance.

In the box

Supplied in the box are: (may vary by region)

  • Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom Digital Camera
  • 16 MB SmartMedia Card
  • Non-rechargable AA batteries
  • Shoulder Strap & lens cap holder
  • Lens Cap
  • Video Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • Owners Manual

Fujifilm Accessories

Wide angle lens kit (x0.79)
WL-FX9 (min 28mm on S602Z)
Filter adapter
Telephoto lens kit (x1.5)
TL-FX9 (max 315 mm on S602Z)

Macro ring-flash kit
Synthetic leather case

* Availability of accessories may vary by region