Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro Software (Windows)

Supplied with the S2 Pro (left side of icons below) are the FinePixViewer, RAW File Converter LE and Adobe Photoshop Elements. The optional 'Hyper Utility Software' suite includes RAW File Converter EX and the Camera Shooting Software. To make full use of the S2 Pro's RAW format you will need RAW File Converter EX. The UK retail price for the 'Hyper Utility Software' suite is £129.99.

(Supplied software shown on the left; excluding Adobe Photoshop Elements
Optional software shown on the right)

FinePixViewer 3.1

FinePixViewer is a sophisticated image browsing, display and organizational tool designed to be the center of your digital imaging workflow. FinePixViewer can perform several functions: Image transfer from camera / card reader ('Automatic Save'), Automatic Renaming of images based on EXIF information and a custom filename pattern, Resizing, Rotation, Format Conversion and even cropping of individual images.

Other features not covered below include printing of individual images or index sheets, DPOF marking of images (requires removable media either in a connected camera or via a card reader), launching of RAW File Converter LE / EX, slideshow and video conference (consumer level FinePix cameras only - not S2 Pro).

There are several different possible view configurations available, the one shown below is perhaps the most complex. On the left is a tree folder list, next to this the image list (in Detail mode in this case), next to this the 'Playback Pane' which provides a larger image view as well as exposure information, on the right is the FinePix Internet service pane (we won't cover this here but this is basically a photo sharing / finishing service). Note that you can customize the 'look' of the viewer window.

Other view examples: Small thumbnail view (no Playback Pane), Details view (no Playback Pane).

Full Image View

Double click on an image (or select Open from the right-click menu) and a new window will open with a full size display. From here you view the image at different zoom levels and pan around it. You can save the image to a different format / location, print it, crop, add text, resize and rotate the image. Closing the Image View will prompt you to apply any changes back to the original image.

Mail Sending / Mail Transmission Settings

Mail Sending allows you to email one or more images via your current email application (Outlook / Outlook Express). The Mail Transmission Settings dialog can be used to predefine the size of images emailed, these can be standard VGA or QVGA or any arbitrary dimension. FinePixViewer will not allow you to email an image or group of images totalling more than 1 MB.

Automatic Rename

The Automatic Rename feature can be accessed by selecting one or more images and right clicking. Automatic Rename allows you to rename and/or change the format of selected images (JPEG Fine, Normal or Basic, TIFF or BMP). You can choose to leave the images where they are or move them to a particular directory (new directories can be created based on the date of the image). The new filename can be made up of a pattern which includes date information extracted from the EXIF header of the image.

Batch Resize

Batch resize allows you to resize selected images to a particular image size or predefined VGA or QVGA. During the resize the output image format can also be selected (JPEG Fine, Normal or Basic, TIFF or BMP). Images can be output to the current directory (overwriting the original) or to a new directory.

Batch Rotation

Batch rotation can be used to rotate selected images through 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Once more you can choose to output the rotated images into a different format (if required) and you can select the output directory. Sadly this rotate feature DOES NOT perform lossless JPEG rotation on JPEG files, rotating a 2 MB file produced a 1.4 MB file proving that the image is decoded, rotated and re-encoded. I can not recommend using FinePixViewer for image rotation.

Batch Format Conversion

Batch format conversion allows you to convert a selection of images to a different output format. Image files can be converted to JPEG Fine, Normal or Basic, TIFF or BMP, Movie files (not in the case of the S2 Pro) can be Windows Media Video for normal viewing or for email. Again you can choose the output directory for the conversion.

Information Batch Edit

Information Batch Edit allows you to attach comments or copyright messages to a selection of images in a batch. Unusually it also allows you to change the date / time stamp in the EXIF header, I'm not sure why you would want to do so unless you had set the camera date incorrectly, even then this function wouldn't fully solve the datestamp.

Automatic Save

On the right side of the toolbar is the button for Automatic Save. This feature can be used to automatically transfer a batch of images from the camera (when in USB Downloading or 1394 Downloading mode) or from a card reader. Before beginning an Automatic Save you must have the correct directory selected in the tree view pane, it's a shame you can't configure Auto Save to copy / move all images from a default drive. Below you can see the available settings for Auto Save, these include renaming, resizing, format change and automatic creation of directories depending on image EXIF data.

CD Album Maker

On the right side of the toolbar is the button for CD Album Maker. This utility will create a folder which can be written directly to the root directory of a CD-R and will provide a web browser based album which will auto run when inserted into a Windows PC. Note that RAW and TIFF files can not be added to a CD Album. One or more 'albums' can be added to the CD Album before it is created. There are also various options which can be set before creation of the CD Album.

Example CD Album