Image Size / File Quality Options

The S2 Pro provides four different image sizes in combination with two JPEG, one TIFF and a RAW mode. Obviously because of the SuperCCD design there is no 'native' resolution, however the six megapixel (3024 x 2016) should be seen as the nearest size to the input pixel count. Image sizes available are 4256 x 2848 (12.1 million), 3024 x 2016 (6.1 million), 2304 x 1536 (3.5 million) and 1440 x 960 (1.4 million).

Standard Test Scene

To give an impression of what some of the combinations of image size and quality produce the table below is a cross reference of some of them:

  • RAW (converted to 4256 x 2848 TIFF)
  • RAW (converted to 3024 x 2016 TIFF)
  • 4256 x 2848 TIFF
  • 4256 x 2848 JPEG Fine
  • 4256 x 2848 JPEG Normal
  • 3024 x 2016 JPEG Fine
  • 2304 x 1536 JPEG Fine
  • 1440 x 960 JPEG Fine

Crops below are of the same 240 x 100 area of each image magnified 200%.

Settings: Color/Tone/Sharpening: Normal, ISO 100, Nikkor 50 mm F1.4 D @ F8.0

RAW -> 4256 x 2848 (12.1 mp)
(.RAF file 12,895 KB - not available for download, as a 2,496 KB JPEG)

RAW -> 3024 x 2016 (6.1 mp)
(.RAF file 12,895 KB - not available for download, as a 1,423 KB JPEG)

4256 x 2848 (12.1 mp)
35,575 KB (not available for download)

2,705 KB

1,402 KB

3024 x 2016 (6.1 mp)

1,529 KB

2304 x 1536 (3.5 mp)

763 KB

1440 x 960 (1.4 mp)

763 KB

The twelve megapixel mode does seem to deliver nice clean images, although it's difficult to see that much more detail than the six megapixel mode. The six megapixel image does look very nice and sharp with no visible JPEG artifacts. Going smaller still will of course 'tighten' the detail even more and produces a nice clean, sharp image. The JPEG compression algorithm used in the S2 Pro appears to be very good with no artifacts visible.

Image settings: Color, Tone and Sharpening

Via the very convenient rear display panel you can quickly control Color, Tone and Sharpening applied to the image before it is turned into its final image type. These 'filters' are only applied to JPEG and TIFF files, for RAW files the image settings are simply stored in the file header to be applied later.

Settings: ISO 100, Nikkor 50 mm F1.4 D @ F8.0, 1.4 mp JPEG Fine (~700 KB)

Image setting: Color

The Color image setting controls the saturation of color in the final image. You can choose for more or less color saturation or even a black and white mode (which does produce nice B&W shots).

Color: Standard Color: High Color: Original
  Color: B&W  

Image setting: Tone

Tone changes the contrast balance of the image, with hard providing more contrast and the original setting producing a flatter image.

Tone: Standard Tone: Hard Tone: Original

Image setting: Sharpening

The S2 Pro has three sharpening settings, the Standard setting provides good sharpness and detail rendition without any visible sharpening artifacts. The Hard setting provides a much sharper looking image at the expense of visible 'halo' sharpening artifacts around dark detail and enhanced noise visibility. The Off setting produces a very soft image without any in-camera sharpening.

Settings: ISO 100, Nikkor 50 mm F1.4 D @ F8.0, 6.1 mp JPEG Fine

Sharpening: Standard (2,419 KB)
Sharpening: Hard (2,422 KB)
Sharpening: Off (2,386 KB)