Rear LCD display panel: Record mode

Default display in record mode, shows current ISO sensitivity, battery status (the AA batteries), storage media (CF or SmartMedia) current Date & Time and remaining frames at the current image quality and size.

Pressing FUNC once enters the first function menu with control over White Balance, ISO sensitivity, Image Quality and Image Size.

Pressing FUNC once more enters the second function menu with control over Color output, Tone, Sharpening and multiple exposures.

Preview mode, if you have the camera set to Manual Rec in the setup menu it will always give you an image preview with the choice to: Save, Delete, Display Histogram, Display standard colour & gray scales.

Each of the function menu options are detailed below, the number preceding the colon (:) indicates the button number below the LCD (for clarity).

Record mode: Function Menu One
1: White Balance Auto
Fluorescent 1
Fluorescent 2
Fluorescent 3
2: ISO Sensitivity 320
3: Image Quality Basic (JPEG)
Normal (JPEG)
Fine (JPEG)
4: Image Size 3040 x 2016
2304 x 1536
1440 x 960

Record mode: Function Menu Two
1: Color Original
Black & White
2: Tone Original
3: Sharpening Off
4: Multiple-Exposures Off

It's good to see a manufacturer giving total control over the internal image processing algorithms, not only can you choose image size and quality but also control over colour balance, tone (contrast) and sharpening. If you're a total purist you'll use Original, Original, Off for processing options, I (after several tens of test shots) came to the conclusion that Standard, Standard, Standard gave the best overall results, though on some occasions Original Tone balance produced a flatter, more natural image.

Rear LCD display panel: Play mode

Default display in play mode, allows you to toggle a histogram display, delete the current image, protect the current image (make it read only) and mark the image for printing (DPOF compatible).

Pressing FUNC once displays the first set of image information: Date & Time, Quality, Size, White Balance Mode.

Pressing FUNC once more displays the second set of image information: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO sensitivity, Colour setting, Tone setting and Sharpening setting.


Record mode LCD display (preview enabled)

As the S1 Pro is an SLR this means that we can't have a live preview image on the rear LCD (as the CCD is covered until the shutter opens) this means that the only time the main LCD is used in record mode is if you have Preview set to Auto Rec (image is previewed but automatically recorded) or Manual Rec (image is previewed but must be confirmed before it is recorded).

Default preview image, no information overlaid. Preview image with histogram (only available in Manual Rec Preview mode), pressing the histogram button several times toggles the histogram display of: Master (gray levels), Red, Green or Blue.

Preview image with standard gray & colour bars (only available in Manual Rec Preview mode).


It would have been nice to be able to enable the histogram as a default setting without having to keep pressing the histogram button, and also have it automatically display even if preview mode was "Auto Rec".