Tripod Mount

Standard for an SLR, a good metal tripod socket and large flat base mean that mounting the S1 Pro on any tripod will not be a problem. Note there are no compartment doors (other than the Lithium battery which shouldn't need regular changing) to be blocked. My only comment would be that the mount doesn't appear to be exactly in line with the center of the lens...

Flash Pop-up & Hot-Shoe

As it's based on the F60 the S1 Pro inherits the same pop-up flash, rated at 2.2 - 10.3m @ ISO 320, F2.8, it'll give a good enough range to be useful for snapshots and casual occasions. If you're shooting something more important then there's also the flash hot-shoe for connection one of Nikon's excellent speedlights (or a third party flash system). The hot-shoe (AKA. accessory shoe) has connections for simple flash, TTL automatic flash control and ready light contacts. Note that Nikon's SB-28DX speedlight which was specially developed for digital SLR's will act as a normal SB-28 when connected to the S1 Pro.

AF Assist Lamp

Between the top of the hand grip and flash housing is the AF assist lamp, this will illuminate the subject to assist focusing in low light situations (it also flashes to indicate self timer) it has a usable range of 0.5 - 3.0 m.

Lens mount

The S1 Pro uses the now standard "Nikon F mount", lens compatibility includes most Nikkor lenses with built-in CPU's, D-type lenses and AF Nikkor lenses other than D-type. A full table of compatible lenses is shown below (taken from the S1 Pro user manual).

(Table below believed correct at time of review, if you have any
specific lens requirements please contact your local Fujifilm dealer).

  Focusing Mode Exposure Mode Metering Mode
  Auto Focus Focus aids Manual Other M 3D 6-zone 6-zone Center weighted avg.
Nikkor lenses with built-in CPU*2
D-type AF lenses O O O O O O - O
AF-S, AF-I lenses (D-type lenses) - O O O O O - O
PC micro 85 mm f/2.8D *3 - O*4 O - O O - O
AF-I Teleconverter - O*5 O O O O - O
AF Nikkor lenses other than D-type (excluding lenses for F3AF) O O O O O - O O
Ai-P Nikkor - O*6 O O O - O O
Lenses other than Nikkor lenses with a built-in CPU*7
Ai-S, Ai Series E lenses, modified Ai Nikkor - O*6 O - C*8 - - -
Medical 120 mm f/4 - O O - C*8 - - -
Reflex lenses - - O - C*8 - - -
PC Nikkor - O*4 O - C*8 - - -
Ai-S, Ai Teleconverter - O*5 O - C*8 - - -
Bellows PB-6 (used with K ring 1, 3, 4 or 5) - O*5 O - C*8 - - -
Auto close-up rings (PK-11A, 12, 13 and PN-11) - O*5 O - C*8 - - -

O : Usable
C : Usable subject to conditions
- : Not usable
*1 When the M (manual) exposure setting or AE lock is used, the light metering mode is automatically switched to center-weighted metering.
*2 IX Nikkor lenses cannot be mounted on this camera.
*3 The camera's light metering modes and flash control functions do not operate correctly when camera movements are performed (both shift and tilt) or when the aperture is set to any setting other than fully open.
*4 Only possible when camera shift or title are not performed.
*5 Can only be used when the combined aperture value is f/5.6 or brighter.
*6 Can only be used when the widest aperture value is f/5.6 or brighter.
*7 Some lenses cannot be mounted on this camera.
*8 Set the exposure mode to M. Note that the exposure meter cannot be used.

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the box are: * exact contents and packaged bundles may vary by region

  • FujiFilm S1 Pro Digital SLR body
  • Neck Strap
  • Eyepiece Cap
  • Camera Body Cap (lens mount cap)
  • 1 x CR2025 Lithium battery (button battery)
  • 2 x CR123A Lithium batteries
  • 4 x NiMH AA Rechargable batteries
  • 16 MB SmartMedia Card
  • FujiFilm AA battery charger + Power Cord
  • Users Manual (Download a PDF manual from here - 2.51 MB)
  • Software CD-ROM (PC & Mac)
  • USB cable
  • AV cable

Optional FujiFilm accessories:

  • Firewire Compact Flash and SmartMedia Reader DM-R1
  • Mains AC 5V Power Adapter AC-5VH
  • FinePix S1 Pro Carrying Case LC-S1
  • USB SmartMedia Reader SM-R2
  • PC Card Adapter PC-AD3
  • High Speed NiMH Battery Charger BK-NH plus 2 x NiMH batteries
  • 2 pack NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 2HR-3UF
  • 64 MB SmartMedia Card
  • Microdrive Compact Flash