Fuji MX2900

From this all-round view of the MX2900 (lens retracted) you can see that Fuji have worked hard to "style" the camera, several interesting ergonomic touches make the camera familiar yet new... The hand grip is big enough to fill your hand and make carrying the camera in one hand easy and comfortable, holding the camera you thumb naturally sits just to the top right corner of the navigation cursors (leading to the occasionaly accidental press).

Fuji MX2900: In hand

That zoom lever... Can you see it? It's the flat lever just above the cursor buttons, zoom out by pulling down, zoom in by pushing up... Slightly odd but then digital camera designers do have a little more freedom than those designing for the traditional 35mm market..

Otherwise the rest of the controls are laid out in a fairly straight forward and easy to understand manner, several of the controls do have dual functions by holding down the SHIFT button (such as resolution, image quality and manual focus). Weight balance is good, the camera doesn't pull to the left if held by the barrel, resting the left edge on your left hand provides a very stable platform.

Rear LCD Display


The MX2900 sports a fairly clear and bright LCD with simple overlayed information and a fairly good refresh rate... The shot on the left above was taken off the LCD in capture mode, the one on the right was captured using a video card from the video out (which does provide a live output). You can see that quite alot of information is overlayed over the live image including the menu and selected options (bottom) a low-light "blur hand" indicator, your mode, macro, flash, exposure compensation and white balance indicators (all of which only display if you've selected anything but the default).

Top LCD Display

The top LCD display is a compact summary of current settings and available frames.

First line: Image Quality mode: Hi (TIFF), Fine, Normal, Basic.
Second line: Flash mode, Macro mode and Battery life.
Third line: Remaining shots, Image size.


Fuji MX2900: Viewfinder

The viewfinder on the MX2900 is fairly run-of-the-mill for digicams, slightly smaller and harder to align your eye properly than that found on the Nikon Coolpix 950 or Olympus C-2000Z I also found the green indicator light (which is lit ALL the time whilst composing) too bright and distracting. The viewfinder view has no center or parallax indicator lines.