Conclusion - Pros

  • Fairly good image quality, easily within 90% of the top of the league
  • Sharp images with good resolution
  • Flexible flash settings
  • External flash hot-shoe
  • Good manual features with full manual (if limited to two apertures) mode
  • Good battery life from supplied rechargeable lithium battery
  • Automatically stores camera settings for next power-up
  • Great ergonomics, good weight balance
  • Tram-lines in Auto mode
  • Well positioned tripod mount

Conclusion - Cons

  • TIFF format cannot be opened in Photoshop (must be opened and re-saved in another application)
  • Slow processing
  • Noisy focus / zoom mechanism
  • Odd zoom lever
  • Terrible viewfinder
  • No ISO control
  • Limited low light ability
  • Limited shutter speed range in Shutter Priority (1/8s is slowest shutter speed)
  • Visible noise on most images
  • Clunky "press OK to store image" sequence
  • Big, bulky and weighty

Overall conclusion

Here's my rating of the Fuji MX-2900:

Detail Rating (out of 10)
Construction 7
Features 7
Image quality 8
Lens / CCD combination 7
Ease of use 6
Value for money 8

The MX-2900 is a fair attempt to capture the imagination of owners who are looking for a 2+ megapixel digital camera with manual features and a traditional look and feel. And for most it would produce good results, however it's not top-of-the-pile and has some shortcomings which wouldn't make it my choice.

Below Average

So which one should I buy? A question I get asked several times a day, and I wouldn't like to say In a new addition to my reviews (after the amount of feedback I normally get) I've added a link to a specific forum in which you can discuss the review or ask me specific questions which I've not answered in these pages.

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