The Good

The MX-2700 takes very nice clean, sharp, colour accurate and well balanced shots with little or no intervention, making it a great point and shoot digital camera. The high resolution guarantees good detail definition. You'll also be glad to hear that any chromatic abberation on this camera is NOT noticeable, in fact it performed much better than other digital cameras on this score (good lens).

Problems / Comparison with Nikon Coolpix 700

Image quality compared favourably with the Coolpix 700, colour balance and overall sharpness were almost identical, the MX-2700 showing a slight "zipper effect" on some horizontal fine edges.

The samples below were taken within minutes of each other on a tripod - date stamp is wrong on the Coolpix 700 images because I'd left it in the wrong timezone).

Fuji MX-2700 Nikon Coolpix 700
Fuji MX-2700: slightly yellow cast over whole image, some noise in flat colour areas.
Coolpix 700: good overall balance, slight chromatic abberations visible on high contrast areas.
Fuji MX-2700: Overall good image. Some "zipper effect" on horizontal straight lines. Coolpix 700: Good shot, well exposed no noticeable colour cast, chromatic abberations visible on chrome objects.

Blow-ups (200%) of detail from above images demonstrating previously noted image quality differences:

I was also surprised to find thermal noise on not-that-slow shutter exposures (this one at 1/4s):