Notes: All times calculated as an average of three operations. Storage times where recorded in A-REC mode, in M-REC mode you are prompted to confirm image storage thus creating manual inaccuracies in the timing. Time was recorded as time between shutter release and camera being available for next shot (on the MX-2700 when the little red lights have stopped spinning around the cursor keys).

Unless otherwise stated all timings were made on a 1800 x 1200 image @ NORMAL compression.

Action (images stored as JPEG unless otherwise noted) Time taken


OFF to PLAY 7.0 (inc. displaying a 1800 x 1200 image)
A-REC / M-REC to PLAY 6.0  
PLAY to A-REC / M-REC 3.2  
PLAY: Image to Image 4.2  
PLAY: Thumbnail view 1.0 Nine images per thumbnail view
PLAY: Zoom-in <1.0 Almost instant
Focus LAG 1.5 Varies depending on ease-of-focus
Shutter release LAG 0.4  
Store 1800 x 1200 FINE 9.2  
Store 1800 x 1200 NORMAL 8.5  
Store 1800 x 1200 BASIC 7.6  
Store 640 x 480 FINE 5.8  
Store 640 x 480 NORMAL 4.7  
Store 640 x 480 BASIC 4.7  

I would guess here that the limiting factor for image storage (the "Store .." benchmarks) would be the performance of the SmartMedia.

File sizes

Notes: All file sizes as an average of three files. As is the case with JPEG it's difficult to predict the size of an image because it will vary widly depending on the content of the image (especially the amount of detail captured). For example, take a photograph of a fairly empty wall and you'll get a small JPEG, take a photograph of a bush with a lot of detail and you'll get a larger image. File sizes here are closer to the later, the larger size of file you should expect. The reported JPEG compression ratios for the various JPEG image modes (@ 1800 x 1200) are: FINE (1:5), NORMAL (1:10), BASIC (1:20) which is a little heavier than standard probably because of the increased resolution and lack of large sized SM cards.

The estimated number of images per 8MB SM card is give as a guide to beginners (as an 8MB SM card is supplied with the camera). It is always recommended that you get a set of larger SM cards (I used three 16MB cards - still very little compared to the 48MB, 96MB and two 16MB CF cards I carry for the Coolpix 950).

Image resolution / mode


File Size (KB) No. images per 8MB SM card
1800 x 1200 FINE 1:5 900KB 8
1800 x 1200 NORMAL 1:10 440KB 17
1800 x 1200 BASIC 1:20 230KB 35
640 x 480 FINE 1:4 140KB 47
640 x 480 NORMAL 1:8 80KB 90
640 x 480 BASIC 1:16 40KB 141

Battery life

The internal Lithium battery (NP-80, 1100mAh) on the MX-2700 lasted well, easily filling two 16MB cards with a total of over 100 images with the LCD switched on (and some reviewing / deleting) before indicating low battery.