Top of camera controls

This will be a short section. Top of camera there's only the power switch (slide and let go type) and shutter release (fairly nice quality with a final "click" for the actual release).

Rear of camera controls

All of the camera function controls are on the back of the camera in the top half of space.

The main command wheel switches between camera modes, inside this is a four way cursor control which performs various functions. Next to this are the main Execute / Cancel buttons which are used to confirm settings and a shot.

The main camera modes are (counter-clockwise from top): Self Timer, SETUP mode, Manual Record, Automatic Record, Playback and PC connection.

Various buttons functions:

ARROW KEYS In M-REC mode the left and right arrow keys scroll through the various on-screen options (described below), up and down arrows digitally zoom in and out (1.2X or 2.5X).
In M-REC mode the EXE button is used to enter/exit on-screen options and also to confirm storage of an image (immediately after taking a photo you are shown a preview and get the choice to store or not store the image).
In M-REC mode the CANCEL button is used to exit from on-screen options or to "not store" an image.
FLASH Used to switch between flash modes: Auto, Red-Eye, Forced-On, Forced-Off. Used in conjunction with the SHIFT button it can be used to change image quality mode: FINE, NORMAL or BASIC
MACRO Used to toggle macro focus mode on and off. Used in conjunction with the SHIFT button it can be used to change image resolution between 1800 x 1200 and 640 x 480.
SHIFT Used to perform extended functions in conjunction with FLASH, MACRO or DISP.
DISP Turns the LCD on or off (default is ON at power-up). Used in conjunction with the SHIFT button it can be used to control LCD display brightness.

After taking a shot in M-REC mode (this does not appear in A-REC mode) you are given a preview of the image and asked to confirm recording (using the EXE or CANCEL buttons):

Record mode menu

On-screen M-REC menu options (controlled with cursor keys and EXE button):

WB White Balance mode: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Florescent 1, Florescent 2, Incandescent.
EV ADJUST EV compensation: -0.9 EV to +1.9 EV in 0.3 EV steps
FLASH ADJUST FLASH EV compensation: -0.6 EV to +0.6EV in 0.3EV steps
SLOW SYNC SLOW SYNC flash mode: On or Off

Play mode specific controls

Switching to PLAY mode displays the last shot taken along with folder - frame number, date and time.

LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys move between next and previous image.

Pressing the UP or DOWN cursor arrows allows you to zoom in to the reviewed image up to 4x zoom in 0.2x steps.

SHIFT + cursor keys allows you to scroll around the zoomed image.

Being able to zoom all the way to 4x is a welcome addition as it IS sometimes difficult to tell if a subject is only slightly out of focus on digital camera LCDs.

Pressing the DISP button once removes the overlayed text, pressing it again changes the display mode to a nine image thumbnail view in which you can still access the PLAY menu (see below).

SHIFT + cursor keys allows you to page through the thumbnails.

Play mode menu

The PLAY menu appears if you press the MENU / EXE button and allows you to perform various functions (described below).

On-screen PLAY menu options (controlled with cursor keys and EXE button):

ERASE FRAME - current image
ALL - all images on card
FORMAT - format card
(click on name for sample)
RAINBOW CROSS - Adds little rainbow coloured stars to highlights
SILVER CROSS - Adds little stars to highlights
SEPIA - Old fashioned b/w sepia effect
B/W - Convert to black and white
PLAYBACK EXE - Start a slideshow
RESIZE 1800 -> 1280 - convert a 1800 x 1200 to 1280 x 1024
1800 -> 640 - convert a 1800 x 1200 to 640 x 480
PROTECT UNPROTECT ALL - allow deletion of any protected images
PROTECT ALL - protect all current images on card
FRAME - protect the currently displayed image (frame)
DPOF CANCEL ALL - cancel all images flagged for printing
SET ALL - set all images for printing
REVIEW / CANCEL - review images and modify
FRAME - select image for printing (set number of copies)

Setup menu

Switching to SETUP mode displays the setup menu (logically enough, cough).

Here you can control the various settings on the camera, all settings are described below).

SETUP menu options (controlled with cursor keys and EXE button):

FILE SIZE 1800 x1200 or 640 x 480
SHARPNESS Controls the in-camera sharpening from none to level 3
AUTO POWER OFF Enables the automatic power-off of the camera after a period of inactivity (power saving feature)
FRAME NO. CONT - continuous numbering scheme, even when SM card is changed the number does not reset
RENEW - numbering is renewed with every change of SM card
BEEP HIGH / LOW / OFF - control camera "beeping"
DATE/TIME Setup the date and time
RESET EXE - reset the camera to factory defaults