Battery Compartment

The MX-2700 battery compartment is under a small cover in the base. Normally you wouldn't need to open or remove the battery as it charges in-camera. Simply plug in the supplied charger / AC adapter and battery charging is indicated by a yellow light next to the viewfinder.

All digicams should be this easy to power!

SmartMedia Compartment

Ejecting or inserting SmartMedia is real easy, for those who haven't seen it before, here's a three step diagram, first flip the right hand catch down, the door will pop-open, then push the SmartMedia card in a little and it will pop out.

I must admit that this is much easier than the sometimes awkward CompactFlash compartments (fingernails please), however I did find that the SmartMedia cards seemed quite fragile...


On the left side of the camera along wit the SmartMedia compartment are camera connections. Top to bottom:

Digital - Serial RS232 / RS432 connector (cables provided).

Video Out - TV / VCR output.

DC IN - connection for supplied AC Adapter / battery charger.

Supplied Accessories ("In the box")

Along with the normal serial (PC and Mac), video cables and the AC adapter / charger is also this attractive :) leather pouch which has a belt loop on one side.

Much nicer than the acrylic things shipped by other manufacturers!

NOTE: The inclusion of this item is on a regional basis, I've had notes from US MX2700 owners to say they didn't get the leather pouch.