Display & menus continued

In playback mode there are two basic display options (with or without file number and date/time overlaid) Pressing the INFO button brings up much more detailed information. Here you can see not only exposure and file information, but also a small histogram.
Pressing the up arrow key lets you magnify images to around 5.5x. The four arrow keys are then used to scroll around the magnified image. Another note to Fujifilm engineers; you don't need 40+ steps to magnify an image 5.5x... three or four would do (it seems to take an eternity to get to full magnification). The DISP button changes to a 3 x 3 thumbnail display.
Pressing the DISP button again switches to a 'calendar' view, offering a nice way to browse a lot of images by date. The playback menu is home to the usual suspects; image deletion, protection and slideshows, plus voice memo and image trimming (cropping) functions. The DPOF (print ordering) functions are accessed via the 'F' button.
The S9000 has some quite nice transition effects in its slide show feature. Accessible from both record and playback menus, the set-up menu consists of four pages of camera-related options (date/time, beep and shutter volume etc), plus card formatting and - annoyingly - raw shooting mode. Once raw mode is activated you cannot switch to JPEG shooting until you've come back to the set-up menu and turned it off again.