Movie mode

Like most of its competitors the S8000fd offers movie capture at up to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) / 30 frames per second, with the duration limited only by the space left on the card. The results are pleasant and smooth, with little in the way of artifacts.

The movies are recorded in motion JPEG (.avi) format, with fairly heavy compression; they work out at around 1.0 MB/sec, meaning you can fit just under 15 minutes of 640x480 / 30fps footage onto a 1GB card.

The S8000fd loses the S6000fd's ability to zoom while recording (the S6000fd has a mechanical zoom), but gains image stabilization that can be activated in video mode to stop anything getting too wobbly. Any attempt to record video at the long end of the zoom without a tripod does risk making viewers a little motion-sick, though - even the slightest vertical movement is exaggerated by the zoom.

Unlike stills recording you cannot choose the amount of information overlaid on the live preview image. An indication of the remaining time using the current settings is all you get. During recording the time remaining on the card is counted down. You can't use the zoom whilst filming.
The only controls available in movie mode are for the movie size (the frame rate is fixed at 30 fps). You can't change anything else, nor can you use AE compensation.
Playback mode shows a thumbnail of the first frame in the movie. Movie playback is fairly basic stuff - you get controls for audio volume, playing, pausing and moving forwards or backwards a frame at a time. Nothing fancy here. There are no in-camera movie editing options.

Sample movies

640x480 pixels @ 30 fps
Duration: 5.0 secs
File size: 5.0MB

Shot at telephoto

Click on the thumbnail to view the movie (caution: large file!)