Provided with the S7000 is a CD-ROM containing the camera's USB driver, FinePix Viewer 4, Pixela ImageMixer VCD2 2.0 and RAW File Converter 1.1 LE. All software is provided for both Windows and Mac.

FinePix Viewer

FinePix Viewer is a basic image management and browsing application with image transfer support. You can have FinePix Viewer automatically start when the camera is connected and transfer images to your computer. You can use it to browse images as well as carry out rudimentary image adjustment. Viewer does support the browsing of RAW files and low resolution display but launches RAW File Converter for conversion to TIFF.

FinePix Viewer in browser mode, note EXIF image information of selected image
Manual Adjustment of images

Pixela ImageMixer VCD2 2.0

Pixela ImageMixer VCD2 is an application for creating Video CD's or CD-ROM's containing galleries of images. Optionally you can upgrade ImageMixer to support DVD Video and DVD albums. In Video CD mode the application will create a slideshow of images which can be played on any VCD compatible disc player. In CD Album mode it will produce a CD-ROM which can be replayed on a PC and contains higher resolution images.

ImageMixer introduction page, here selecting a Video CD
Adding images to a Video CD project

RAW File Converter 1.1 LE

The only RAW conversion tool provided with the S7000 is the disappointing 'RAW File Converter LE' which simply allows you to drag and drop files onto it and click 'Convert all' to convert them into 8-bit TIFF images. Fujifilm does have the more advanced RAW File Converter EX but chooses to sell it as an option, this in my opinion is a mistake as most other manufacturers provide much better RAW conversion support for free with their cameras.

RAW File Converter LE with one image ready for conversion