As mentioned earlier the S5 Pro has an all-new all-Fuji user interface - most of the functionality is the same, it's just accessed (and presented) in a slightly different way.

Record Review

You can choose for the S5 Proto display a review of the image taken immediately after shutter release. Note that record review has all of the functionality of playback mode, this means you can press delete to delete the image, magnify it, use the face detect feature, view histograms and full shooting information etc. You can define how long the image is displayed using the setup menu (2 or 4 seconds or continuous - until you take the next shot).


Press the Playback button to enter playback mode, press the multi selector left or right to change display mode (seven pages different modes available). Pressing the DISP button cycles through the three display modes and the up and down keys are used to change the actual information displayed in each mode - another pointlessly complicated system that takes forever to remember. The left and right arrow keys scroll through stored images (there is a noticeable delay between each frame - more so than you get with the D200).

1. The first Display option - no information displayed at all (pressing the up key magnifies). 2a: Press the DISP button to switch to a more detailed view: File/folder, date & time, shutter speed and aperture, WB, AE-compensation, ISO, Face Detection icon (if face detected).
2b: Press 'up' to see Shooting data page 1 2c: Press 'up' again to see Shooting data page 2
2d: Press 'up' one more time to see focus point 3a: Press 'DISP' again to see Master (RGB) histogram
3b: Press 'up' repeatedly for Red, Green and blue histograms 3c: A final press of the 'up' key displays blinking highlights
4: One final press of the DISP button brings up 3 x 3 thumbnails (selected item highlighted in blue). Use the four directional arrows to move the highlight square around (that's about it for thumbnails).

Playback Zoom

As we've experienced with previous Fujifilm models (both SLR and compact) zooming/magnifying images is a slow and slightly frustrating process. Why? For one thing you can only do it in one of the three display modes, for another it's very slow (and uses too many steps) and doesn't actually let you get close enough to 'see the pixels'

Zooming in (if you're in the right display mode) is a simple case of pushing the 'up' button. Holding down the up button lets you zoom very smoothly but very slowly to a maximum magnification of around 5.9x (with a 12MP image).
Pressing the play button switches between zooming and panning modes (in panning mode the four-way directional keys move around the frame. As you can see the maximum magnification isn't great, and can make checking critical focus (such as when using a fast lens wide open) very difficult.
The S5 Pro does have one clever new playback feature that's a lot more useful than it sounds; Face Detection. In playback mode (or when the review image is displayed after taking the picture) pressing the Face Detection button instantly zooms in on the face - if it finds one. If there is more than one face detected repeated presses shift the focus from one face to the next. Like all such systems it's far from foolproof; it only works if the face is looking more or less directly at the camera and isn't at too much of an angle, but it is great for checking expressions when shooting single or group portraits, even if the zoom level isn't enough to really see if the focus is on the eyes. If no face is detected the button simply magnifies the central part of the frame 'quick zoom'.

Record: Live Image mode

The S3 Pro was the first digital SLR to offer 'live view' (the ability to preview the shot using the LCD screen), albeit in such a limited manner that it borders on the utterly pointless. The S5 Pro improves on its predecessor marginally by allowing you to preview in color or black and white (the S3 Pro only offered B & W). In this mode you can also magnify the center portion of the frame. As before the limitations are pretty restrictive: (a) it's for display only;, you cannot trigger the shutter release in this mode; (b) the viewfinder is blacked out because the mirror must swing up and shutter open; (d) the display can only be provided for a maximum of 30 seconds. In the two years since the S3 Pro was launched things have moved on in the SLR market with Olympus, Panasonic and now Canon all offering considerably less restricted live preview - the 'ooh look what we can do' factor is long gone.

During 'Live Image' Press the UP arrow in Live Image to magnify the center portion of the frame