Directly below the storage compartment are the three connectors shielded behind a rubber cover. Connectors are: Mini-USB (1.1), DC-IN and A/V out.


The S5000 has a 10x optical zoom 'Fujinon Zoom Lens' which provides an equivalent focal length range (on a 35 mm camera) of 37 to 370 mm. All the more impressive is maximum aperture which is F2.8 at wide angle and just F3.2 at telephoto. Perhaps the only complaint could be a lack of optical stabilization, but at this price, size and weight you can't really expect it. Supplied with the camera is the AR-FX5 adapter ring which continues the dimensions of the outer lens barrel and helps to protect the lens as well as providing a 55 mm thread.

Base / Tripod Mount

Probably one of the most unfortunately positioned tripod mounts I've seen recently, this one is not in line with the lens nor in the center of the body (front to back). Instead it is too close to the rear of the camera (could cause the camera to tilt back if tripod screw is over-tightened) as well as being right beside the battery compartment door (meaning you can't change batteries while the camera is on a tripod.)

Pop-up Flash / AF Assist Lamp

In the bottom left corner of this image is the camera's AF assist lamp which bathes the subject in a bright green light if the camera senses that light levels are below that which the AF system can natively handle. The pop-up flash is manually released (button on right side). You can see the flash unit and flash sensor mounted just below. When the flash is enabled the Auto ISO sensitivity range moves up from ISO 160 - 200 to ISO 200 - 400.

Box Contents

Supplied in the box are:

 • Fujifilm FinePix S5000 digital camera
 • 16 MB xD-Picture Card
 • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
 • Shoulder strap
 • USB Cable (Mini-B)
 • Video Cable (A/V)
 • Adapter ring AR-FX5
 • CD-ROM (incl. RAW File Converter LE)
 • Manual

Fujifilm Accessories

  • xD-Picture Card: DPC-16,DPC-32,DPC-64,DPC-128,DPC-256, DPC-512
  • Rechargeable battery 2HR-3UF
  • Battery Charger with Batteries : BK-NH/BK-NH2
  • Wide Conversion lens: WL-FX9/WL-FX9B
  • Tele conversion lens: TL-FX9/TL-FX9B
  • AC Power Adapter AC-5VH / 5VHS
  • PC Card Adapter DPC-AD
  • Image Memory Card Reader DPC-R1
  • CompactFlashTM Card Adapter DPC-CF
  • Soft case SC-FXS5