Set up Menu

Pressing the MENU/OK button without an image displayed on the LCD monitor enters the camera's set up mode. This mode provides control over various settings including custom white balance, high mode selection, storage card selection etc.

Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the menu, press the left or right arrows to change settings.

Set up Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Image Display • Off
• On
• Preview

- No record review
- Record review
- Record review, requires confirmation

Custom WB • Set Set a custom white balance (choose custom 1 or 2 via the control panel)
Color Spaces • sRGB
• Adobe RGB
Allows you to select the color space, new to the S3 Pro, as you can now shoot Adobe RGB JPEG.
Dynamic Range • Standard
• Wide
- Uses only S pixels
- Uses both S and R pixels, mix can be changed
Auto Rotate • On
• Off
Defines whether or not the camera's orientation sensor is used to record orientation of image
Media • xD-Picture Card
• Compact Flash
The camera will automatically select the correct media of only one is inserted, this option allows you to select the specific media slot if both are in use.
Test Shooting
(No Card)
• Off
• On
When enabled this option allows you to take images without a storage card (and therefore no images are stored).
Format OK Formats current media.
Beep • Off
• Low
• High
Date/Time • Set
USB Mode • Mass storage
• PTP (Direct Print)
1394 Mode

• Mass storage
• Remote control

Frame no. • Cont.
• Renew
Language • English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Italian
• Chinese
• Japanese
Video System • NTSC
Discharge • OK Used to fully discharge the batteries
Reset • OK Resets all camera settings
Live Image • On Enters 'Live Image' display mode

Play Menu

Pressing the MENU/OK button while an image is displayed (after pressing PLAY) enters the Play menu. The menu consists of five options arranged along the bottom of the display. Menu options are displayed over the current image. For clarity we have used a black background.

Play Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Erase • Al Frames
Protect • Reset All
• Set All
- Remove protection from all frames
- Mark all frames as protected
DPOF • Reset All
• Without Date
• With Date
Playback • With transition, Slow
• With transition
• No transition, Slow
• No transition
Trimming • Set Allows you to create a reduced resolution crop of an image in-camera
Monitor Brightness • Set Brightness can be set from -5 to +5

Custom Function Menu (CSM)

Turn the camera mode dial to the 'CSM' position to change the camera's custom function settings. In this mode settings are chosen using the main command dial (front) and changed using the sub command dial (rear). A full textual description of the setting is shown on the rear LCD monitor and a numeric representation is shown on the top status panel LCD.

Custom Function Menu

Option Values Notes
1: Bracketing Order 0: Meter -> Under -> Over
1: Under -> Meter -> Over
Change the Bracketing compensation sequence
2: On-demand Grid lines 0: Off
1: On
Enable viewfinder grid lines
3: Illumination for Focus Area 0: Auto
1: Off
2: On
Makes AF points glow red when AF is being measured
4: Focus Area Selection 0: Normal
1: Enable Rotation
Enable 'wrap around' selection of AF point using 4-way controller
5: AE-Lock 0: Disabled
1: Activated
When enabled a half-press locks AE
6: Bulb in Manual Mode 0: Disabled
1: Activated
Enable Bulb exposures in manual exposure mode
7: S-AF Closest Subject Priority 0: Enabled
1: Disabled
Disable closest subject AF for AF-S mode
8: C-AF Closest Subject Priority 0: Disabled
1: Enabled
Enable closest subject AF for AF-C mode
9: AE/AF Lock Button 0: AE/AF Lock
1: AE Lock only
2: AF Lock only
3: AE Remains locked
4: AF Operation
Control the function of the AE/AF lock button
10: Command Dial functions 0: Disabled
1: Enabled
Allows you to switch the function of the command dials
11: Multiple Exposure 0: Single Shutter Release
1: Continuous Shutter Release
Enable continuous shooting for multiple exposures
12: Auto Power Off 0: Off
15: 15 secs
2: 2 mins
5: 5 mins
Change the auto power off time
13: Self-Timer Operation 2: 2 secs
5: 5 secs
10: 10 secs
20: 20 secs
Change the self-timer time
14: LCD Illumination 0: Off
5: 5 secs
15: 15 secs
When set to 5 or 15 the LCD panels will illuminate with any button press
15: AF-Assist Illuminator 0: On
1: Off
Enable or disable white AF assist lamp for low light situations