Record Review (immediately after shutter release)

The S3 Pro provides two different record review display modes, I've described them separately because they work in quite different ways:

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Postview (menu: Image Disp: On)

In this mode the camera will display the review image for two seconds immediately after shutter release. You can not delete/cancel the image in this mode nor can you display histogram or blinking highlights (as is common on many other cameras). If you tap the shutter release (half press) the screen is cleared immediately.

Preview (menu: Image Disp: Preview)

In this mode the camera will show the review image and enable a menu of options on the LCD Control Panel, the review image will stay on the LCD monitor until the 'OK' button is pressed or you half-press the shutter release. You can magnify the review image using the up/down arrows. The control panel options are:

  • OK (store image, clear screen)
  • Delete (cancel the image, don't save)
  • Histogram (master, red, green or blue) *
  • Brightness warning (blinking highlights, standard chart) *

* These display settings are remembered and will be used for the next image display

One of the biggest drawbacks of Preview mode is (a) it doesn't timeout and remove the image from the display, you must half-press the shutter or select OK and (b) it reduces the amount of buffer space available for continuous shooting.

Ideal of course would have been just the one review mode based on 'Preview' which didn't affect buffer space, didn't have the OK option (as it's superfluous to use) and could be set to timeout after a customizable number of seconds.

Play display

Press the PLAY button to display the last image taken (or the last image on the storage card). Just like the S2 Pro you can't enter play mode until currently buffered images have been saved. Select the histogram option from the control panel to display a histogram for the image, the first histogram page is Master (luminance). At least we now have a border around the histogram.
Press again for Red channel histogram. Press again for Green channel histogram.
Press again for Blue channel histogram. Press again for blinking highlight warning.
Press the 4-way controller upwards to magnify the image. Magnification is available up to a fairly high level (not specified). Once at the desired magnification press the PLAY button to pan (scroll) the image using the 4-way controller.
Select thumbnail from the control panel to display a 3x3 index. An example of the 'erase image' animation, looks cute but slows the operation of the camera.

Record: Live Image mode

No other digital SLR has ever been able to provide a live view on the LCD monitor, until now. The S3 Pro has a unique (if slightly pointless) feature. You can switch to a 'Live Image' mode which provides a video-like B&W live view feed direct from the sensor to the LCD monitor (just like a consumer digital camera). In this mode you can also magnify the center portion of the frame. The important limitations however are: (a) its for display only, you can not trigger the shutter release in this mode, (b) the viewfinder is blacked out because the mirror must swing up and shutter open, (c) the display is in black and white, (d) the display can only be provided for a maximum of 30 seconds. All in all this mode seems to be more of a technology stunt than a useful feature.

During 'Live Image' Press the UP arrow in Live Image to magnify the center portion of the frame

Play: Control Panel Information

By default in play mode the control panel provides four options of histogram, erase, protect and thumbnail index. Press the FUNC button and this display will then change to provide image information, press again for the second page of information.

Play mode info page 1
Date & Time of shot, Image Quality, Resolution, White Balance mode
Play mode info page 2
Shutter Speed, Aperture, Sensitivity, Color setting, Tone setting, Saturation setting