FinePix Viewer

FinePix Viewer is a basic image management and browsing application with image transfer support. You can have FinePix Viewer automatically start when the camera is connected and transfer images to your computer. You can use it to browse images as well as carry out rudimentary image adjustment. Viewer does support the browsing of RAW files and low resolution display but launches RAW File Converter for conversion to TIFF.

View modes

The three view modes available in FinePix Viewer are Thumbnail, Preview and Details.

View mode: Thumbnail View mode: Preview
View mode: Details

Adjust Image

In 'Manual Adjust' mode you can apply simple image corrections; Brightness, Saturation, Hue and Contrast (although only on JPEG files).

Hyper-Utility2 (ver.

Hyper-Utility2 is a far more advanced application than FinePix Viewer, it's designed to provide a range of workflow, conversion and control features which professional photographers would require. In the UK Hyper-Utility2 is bundled with the S3 Pro, in other regions it may be an optional purchase. The functionality of Hyper-Utility2 can be split into three main areas:

  • Browsing, organization, categorization and output (basic workflow)
  • Advanced RAW conversion
  • Camera control and remote capture


Upon starting Hyper-Utility2 you are presented with the 'Standard Layout' browsing view, this is similar to the 'filmstrip' view seen in other browsers, a row of thumbnails along the bottom of the window (alternatively vertically in a column on the right) and a larger view of the selected image in the center. Down the left side are a column of 'panes' which show; folder selection, navigator (pan around image when magnified), histogram (Luminosity, R, G and B), image information (exposure data from EXIF / RAW).

If you prefer a full window of thumbnails you can simply drag the bar above the film strip to the top or click on the blue up-arrow, you can select from four different thumbnail sizes (larger one shown below). Lastly there's also a 'detail view' which is a list of images with basic exposure info. At the bottom of the browser window are three tags (magenta, cyan and yellow) which provide simple categorization of images.

Another feature of Hyper-Utility2 is side-by-side comparison of two images, the images can also be 'interlocked' so that magnification and panning is carried out on the two images at the same time. This is very useful for picking the best of two shots (as shown below).

Other functions in browsing mode include:

  • Move to Folder, Copy to Folder, Delete, Create New Folder
  • Display in Slide show, Preview and Print, Print or Output Contact Sheet
  • Rename, Edit Date, Edit Comment, Save in different format
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Select all, Deselect, Modify with Marker
  • Rotate clockwise, Rotate counterclockwise
  • Save CCD-RAW as Exit-TIFF (Converter LE), Extract CCD-RAW preview (JPEG), Compress
  • Show warnings, Show pixel information (under mouse cursor)
  • Rectangle trimming, Photo studio trimming, Portrait trimming, Copy to clipboard (selection)
  • Favorites (folders): Add, Organize, Go to Favorite