Resolution Chart Comparison - at 12MP

Comparison cameras:

  • Fujifilm FinePix F810 (12 MP, 4x zoom)*
  • Minolta DiMAGE A2 (8 MP, 7.1 zoom)
  • Sony DSC-P150 (7 MP, 3x zoom)
  • Canon PowerShot G6 (7 MP, 3.5x zoom)

*the FinePix F810 has a 6.1 MP effective SuperCCD chip that outputs 12MP images - these measurements were taken in 12MP mode.

Shots here are of the PIMA/ISO 12233 standard resolution test chart (more of which are available in our comparison database). This resolution chart allows us to measure the actual performance of the lens and sensor system. It measures the ability of the camera to resolve lines at gradually higher resolutions and enables us to provide a definitive value for comparison purposes. Values on the chart are 1/100th lines per picture height. Thus a value of 15 equates to 1500 lines per picture height.

Studio light, cameras set to auto, settings all factory default. If possible aperture was selected for optimum sharpness. Exposure compensation +0.7 EV to +1.3 EV.

Fujifilm FinePix F810 (4,308 KB; 12 MP*) Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 (2,595 KB; 8 MP)
Sony DSC-P150 (2,681 KB; 7 MP) Canon PowerShot G6 (2,388 KB; 7 MP)

Resolution Chart crops

Fuji FinePix F810 (figures are 16 and 18) Sony DSC-P150
Minolta DiMAGE A2 Canon PowerShot G6
Fuji FinePix F810 Sony DSC-P150
Minolta Dimage A2 Canon PowerShot G6

Measurable findings

Camera Measurement
Fujifilm FinePix F810 Horizontal LPH 1550   + 2000
Vertical LPH 1650   +* 1900
5° Diagonal LPH + 1000  n/a 
Canon PowerShot G6 Horizontal LPH 1600   * 1800
Vertical LPH 1650   +* 1900
5° Diagonal LPH + 1000  n/a 
Konica Minolta A2 Horizontal LPH 1600  * 1850 
Vertical LPH * 1400  * 1800 
5° Diagonal LPH #+ 1000  n/a 
Sony DSC-P150 Horizontal LPH 1500 1700
Vertical LPH 1500 1750
5° Diagonal LPH + 1000  n/a 

* Moiré is visible
+ Chart maximum
LPH Lines per Picture Height (to allow for different aspect ratios the measurement is the same for horizontal and vertical)
5° Diagonal Lines set at 5° diagonal
Absolute res. Point at which all lines of a resolution bar are still visible and defined, beyond this resolution loss of detail occurs (below Nyquist frequency).
Extinction res. Detail beyond camera's definition (becomes aliased)
n/a Not Available (above the capability of the test chart)
n/v Not Visible (not visible on test results)

The F810 certainly captures more detail at 12MP than it does at 6MP, due in part to the much lower JPEG compression and the relatively lower sharpening (it appears the same level of sharpening is used on 6MP as 12MP images - so the effect is more visible in the smaller files). At the 12MP setting the results are certainly far better than we'd expect from a compact camera of this type with only 6 million effective pixels. Very good.

12MP compared to 6MP (upsampled in Photoshop)

Here's an interesting comparison; two identical resolution chart shots, one at 12MP Fine setting and one at 6MP JPEG setting upsampled to 12MP using Photoshop CS's excellent 'Bicubic Smoother' option. From these it is clear that there is more to Super CCD than mere interpolation; the resolution is considerably higher on the 12MP image, even taking into account the different levels of JPEG compression used. Note also how the 12MP image has much less visible sharpening halos.

6MP original
Upsized using Photoshop CS Bicubic Smoother
12MP original