On the left side of the camera (from the rear) are the two connectors. The top is a universal USB / A/V out and cradle connector, the bottom DC-IN for optional charging without use of the cradle (if for instance you didn't want to carry the cradle on holiday).


The F700 has a three times optical zoom 'Fujinon Super EBC' lens. This lens provides a range of 35 to 105 mm (equiv.) with maximum aperture of F2.8 to F4.9, obviously slow at the telephoto end but what we have come to expect from these compact lens systems. What's remarkable about this lens is how quickly it extends or retracts, approximately one second.

Base / Tripod Mount

The base of the camera is pretty unexciting, the battery / storage compartment on the left and a horribly placed tripod mount on the right. As you may expect I wasn't overly impressed with the location of this tripod mount it provides almost no stability on most tripod shoes.

Flash / AF Assist Lamp

On the right of this image you can see the F700's flash unit, Fujifilm specify its range as 0.3 to 5.0 m (1.0 to 16.4 ft) at Auto ISO. On the left of the image the round LED behind the small window is actually an AF assist lamp. It emits a bright green light in low light situations which lights up the subject and helps the contrast detect AF system to lock.


The supplied PictureCradle is a simple design which allows the camera to be quickly charge and/or connected to your computer simply by dropping the camera into the cradle slot. The cradle uses the multifunction connector on the left side (from the rear) of the camera for both power supply for battery charging and connectivity for the USB or A/V connector on the rear of the cradle (used with either of the cables provided).

Box Contents

Supplied in the box are:

 • Fujifilm FinePix F700 digital camera
 • 16 MB xD-Picture Card
 • NP-40 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
 • PictureCradle
 • AC-5VW AC adapter / charger
 • Wrist strap
 • USB Cable
 • Video Cable (A/V)
 • CD-ROM (incl. RAW File Converter LE)
 • Manual

Fujifilm Accessories

  • xD-Picture Card™: 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256MB available
  • Rechargeable battery: NP-40
  • Battery charger: BC-65 for NP-40, NP-60, NP-120
  • AC power adapter: AC-5VH / 5VHS
  • PC card adapter: DPC-AD
  • Soft case
  • Image memory card reader: DPC-R1