Manual Record Mode Menu

Pressing the MENU/OK button while in manual record mode displays the menu shown left. This menu is normally displayed transparently over the live view, for clarity we have used a black background. Use the 4-way controller to move around the menu, use OK to select an option. Each option is described below. The Auto record menu is very basic, you can see a (clip) here.

Record Mode Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Self Timer • On
• Off
Flash Mode • Auto
• Red-eye reduction
• Fill-in flash
• Slow-sync flash
• On
• Off
• Bracket: +/- 0.3 EV
• Bracket: +/- 0.7 EV
• Bracket: +/- 1.0 EV
Macro • On
• Off
Exposure mode
• Programme AE
• Aperture Priority
• Shutter Priority
• Manual
• 6 mp: Fine, Normal, Basic
• 3 mp: Fine, Normal
• 1 mp: Fine, Normal
• VGA: Normal
Note that the selection of image quality is carried out in a separate set-up style menu.
Set • Enter Jumps to setup menu (see below).
• Multi
• Spot
• Average
(Exp. Compen.)
• +1.5 EV
• +1.2 EV
• +0.9 EV
• +0.6 EV
• +0.3 EV
• 0 EV
• -0.3 EV
• -0.6 EV
• -0.9 EV
• -1.2 EV
• -1.5 EV
Flash Compensation • +0.6 EV
• +0.3 EV
• 0 EV
• -0.3 EV
• -0.6 EV
White Balance

• Auto
• Fine
• Shade
• Fluor.: Daylight
• Fluor.: Warm White
• Fluor.: Cool White
• Incandescent

Probably the widest selection of White Balance settings of any digital camera.
Focus Mode • Auto Focus
• AF Area
• Manual Focus
ISO Sensitivity
• ISO 160
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800 (1 MP)
• ISO 1600 (1 MP)
Note that when selecting ISO 800 or 1600 the camera will automatically switch to 1 MP (1280 x 960) resolution.
Sharpness • Hard
• Normal
• Soft

Play Mode Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in Play mode displays the Play menu. Just like the record menu it would normally be overlaid transparently over the review image, in this case we've used a black image for clarity. The play menu itself is fairly simple. Each option is described below.

Play Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes

• Back (cancel)
• Frame
• All Frames
• Format

When you erase an image the camera 'fades' the image out (clip).
Voice Memo • Start Select Start and the camera will record a 30 second voice memo which will carry the same filename as the image ('attaching' it to the image).
Set • Enter Jumps to setup menu (see below).
DPOF • Date On
• Date Off
A little obscure but these options lead to a DPOF print order selection page where you can browse and mark images for printing.

Set up Menu

Just like previous Finepix digital cameras the F601Z has a dedicated Set up menu which is accessed via the SET option in any mode menu. The menu itself is spread over two pages, use the up / down arrows on the 4-way controller to navigate through the options and the left / right arrows to change options.

Set Up Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Image Display • Off
• Post view
• Preview
'Post view' provides you with a quick review of the image after it is taken then returns to live view. 'Preview' provides you with a review which you must confirm with OK before the image is saved.
Auto Power Off

• Off
• 2 min
• 5 min

USB Mode • DSC
• PC Cam
LCD Brightness • Set  
Volume • Set  
Beep • Off
• Low
• High
Date/Time • Set  
LCD • On
• Off
Sets the default state of the LCD at power-up
Language • English
• Francais
• Deutsch
(European F601 Zoom)
Reset All • OK