Purple Fringing (Chromatic Aberrations)

Despite my best efforts I couldn't find a single example of chromatic aberrations in the samples we shot (over 400), either Fujifilm have eliminated this problem through lens / sensor design or they're specifically removing the aberrations in the "image processing" stage.

Image taken at 6M (2832 x 2132) Normal.

Our now standard chromatic aberration test shot

Barrel and Pincushion Distortion

Almost no (at least too little to be measured) pincushion distortion at full tele, however at full wide angle we measured a straight-line-straining 1.8% barrel distortion, keep away from straight edges at full wide angle!

Images taken at 6M (2832 x 2132) Normal.

Barrel Distortion, 1.8% @ Wide Angle Pincushion Distortion, ~0% @ Full Tele

White Balance

The 6800Z really suffers under any kind of artificial light, for some reason the preset white balance settings also seem to be way off any of the lights I have at home, with a total lack of a manual preset mode this means you're really going to be limited to shooting in natural light or at least under artificial light having to edit and correct your images later.

Outdoors, Auto Outdoors, Sunny Outdoors, Cloudy
Incandescent, Auto Incandescent, Incandescent  
Fluorescent, Auto Fluorescent, Fluorescent 3