Lens barrel controls

The only plastic area of the case is this area on the side of the lens barrel which houses several other controls, described below:

Barrel buttons

Manual / Auto Focus

Physically switches the autofocus system on or off. When autofocus is disabled the front focus ring (that large ring around the front of the lens barrel) becomes a "fly by wire" focus system. On the LCD display (or EVF) there's a focus indicator > o < which indicates how close your manual focus is to the autofocus point.
T/W Zoom

Zooms the camera Wide or Tele, this control is repeated on the lens barrel.
Exposure Compensation

Held and used in combination with the command wheel to set the exposure compensation (+/-2 EV in 0.3 EV steps), a metering bar is displayed on the LCD (or EVF).

Manual White Balance

This button can't really be referred to as "one touch" as you have to select the manual white balance option from the white balance menu, aim the camera at a white subject then press this button, you can't just press it to automatically set a manual balance.



In record mode displays the current camera settings over the preview display (only while you hold the button). In play mode displays exposure information about currently displayed image.

Record Mode display

(Sorry about the poor quality of the captures below, Fujifilm's choice of blue on gray and the yellow focus brackets interfered horribly with my capture card, they're quite viewable on the cameras LCD).

The default live preview view, focus point brackets in the center, exposure information at the bottom (this reads 1/20, F2.8) along with other information such as focus mode (Macro), remaining frames, image size / quality. The hand icon indicates possible blur due to hand shake. Half-press the shutter release locks Auto Focus and exposure, along with the display of the compensation meter.
If you enable it the 4900Z will display a preview image this then requires a press of OK to save the image or BACK to cancel. Pressing the Focus Check button and the center of the image is magnified enabling you to check focusing more closely.

I'd like to have seen two different preview modes, one which displays a brief (4 second?) preview which can be canceled by pressing BACK otherwise it saves the image. Currently you can't have a preview option without having to press OK, which is tedious.

Shutter Priority, shutter speed is displayed (changed by rolling command dial). In this case the aperture required was outside the cameras range and thus displayed in red. Aperture Priority, aperture is displayed (changed by rolling command dial). Camera displays correct shutter speed for accurate exposure.
Full Manual exposure, you control aperture and shutter speed, camera displays a meter to indicate the exposure level compared to that calculated. The SHIFT + FLASH button shortcut allows for selection of image size and quality without leaving record mode.

Playback display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image shot along with folder / file number, date and time information. Pressing the INFO button displays this information overlay with full exposure information.
Pressing T zoom button you can zoom into a displayed image (up to 15x for a 1800 x 1200 image!) Holding the SHIFT button the 4-way controller becomes a panning controller allowing you to scroll around the zoomed image.
Pressing the W zoom button displays a thumbnail index of images (3 x 3), navigate around this index using the 4-way controller.