Image Size / Quality

Standard Test Scene

The FinePix 40i offers six resolution / image quality combinations, three at 2400 x 1800 (processed size, remember CCD is 2.4 megapixel), two at 1280 x 960 and one at 640 x 480.

To give an impression of what each combination of image size and quality produces the table below is a cross reference of image size against quality with an original image available for each, all images were shot within seconds of each other of the same subject.

Crops below are of a 100% 240 x 180 area of each image.

2400 x 1800, FINE JPEG, 1,716 KB 2400 x 1800, NORMAL JPEG, 751 KB
2400 x 1800, BASIC JPEG, 304 KB 1280 x 960, FINE JPEG, 603 KB
640 x 480, NORMAL JPEG, 66 KB  

Digital Zoom

At 2400 x 1800 the 40i doesn't allow any digital zoom, you have to switch down to 1280 x 960 or 640 x 480. At 1280 x 960 you can zoom digitally (cropping & interpolating) up to 1.88 x, at 640 x 480 you can zoom digitally up to 3.75 x. Two samples below were both shot at 1280 x 960, first with no digital zoom, second zoomed fully (1.88 x). By my calculation, at 1280 x 960 the CCD is down sampling by half, at 1280 x 960 full digital zoom pixels are almost 1:1 with the CCD.

No Digital Zoom, 1280 x 960
Full Digital Zoom (@1280 x 960 = 1.88x), 1280 x 960 image


The flash unit in the 4700Z has a claimed range of 0.4 - 2.5 m (1.3 - 8.2 ft) which should be sufficient for its intended use (casual "friends photography"), although not enough for taking group pictures. Samples below show examples of flash output. All samples below shot at 1280 x 960 to preserve bandwidth.

Skin Tone test, excellent result. As ever Fujifilm have colour and white balance perfect. Well metered shot with great skin colour and accurate reproduction of detail.

Wall shot at 2.5 m (flash maximum range), at it's maximum rated distance the flash did quite well, there's obvious drop-off at the corners but otherwise not a bad performance for such a small flash.

Colour patches shot slightly off-center (to try and reduce reflection). Again, good performance, well metered with bright, accurate colours.


Colours, that's what Fujifilm have no problems with. Whether it's flash or available light photography colours always come out accurate, vivid and well balanced. Now if only they could address the noise their SuperCCD generates.

Movie Mode

The 40i features AVI MJPEG video clip mode with audio recording. Recording a movie shoots at 320 x 240 pixels, 10 fps (audio recorded at 8 Khz, 8 bit) for a maximum of 80 seconds at a time. Here are the total recording times for each type of SmartMedia card (courtesy of the user manual):

4 MB 8 MB 16 MB
32 MB 64 MB
Available recording time in seconds 22 45 90 182 364

You can't use macro focus when shooting a movie, however you can digitally zoom. Recording is press once to start press once to stop or until 80 seconds has passed, it then takes about 12 seconds to store those 80 seconds.