Record menus

Both Auto and Manual record modes share the same MODE menu (shown popped-up here) which allow you to choose between Auto, Manual, the File Size / Quality and Setup menus. In Auto mode there's no exposure compensation menu and no white balance menu but other than that they're pretty much the same.

Record menu Options
Macro Mode:

• On
• Off

• On
• Off
Exposure compensate (+1.5 to -1.5 EV in 0.3 EV steps)
White balance mode:

• Auto
• Sunny
• Shade
• Fluorescent 1, 2, 3
• Incandescent
MODE Enter mode menu (below)

MODE menu Description
Auto Switch camera to auto record mode
Manual Switch camera to manual record mode
File Size / Quality Enter file size / quality menu (below)
Setup Enter setup menu (below)

FILE SIZE / QUALITY menu Options
2400 2400 x 1800 resolution:

• FINE JPEG quality
• NORMAL JPEG quality
• BASIC JPEG quality
1280 1280 x 960 resolution:

• FINE JPEG quality
• NORMAL JPEG quality
640 640 x 480 resolution:

• NORMAL JPEG quality

SETUP menu Options
END Exit SETUP menu

Control power saving:

• YES (camera powers off after 2 minutes)
• NO

* does not affect USB connections

BEEP Camera beeps duing operations

DATE/TIME Set camera date & time
FRAME No. Sets filename frame numbering system

• RENEW (new frame numbers when media changed)
• CONT. (Continuous numbering scheme)

Play mode menu

Play mode menu options are very similar to those found on the 4700Z. With the addition of "Erase All Audio Files" which will remove all (encrypted) MP3 files from the storage card to make more space for taking photographs. Details of menus below.

Play menu Options

• Format (format whole SmartMedia card, requires confirm)
• All Audio Files (remove just audio files)
• All Frames (remove just images & movies)
• Frame (remove current frame)
Playback (slideshow):

• Wipe-3
• Wipe-2
• Wipe-1
• No Wipe

• 2400 -> 1280
• 2400 -> 640
• 1280 -> 640
Protect (mark files as read-only):

• Unprotect All
• Protect All
• Frame Set / Reset
DPOF printing:

• Set All / Reset All
• Frame Set / Reset
• Trimming
• Date Off / On