Lens Cover

As with the 4700Z (and previous Fujifilm cameras) the 40i has an automatic metal lens cover which slides over the lens when the camera is powered off... Kudos once more to Fujifilm, it's a necessity on a camera such as this as it's likely to find its way into your jacket pocket fairly often.

Tripod Mount

Well there is one, and it's metal, and that's about the only place Fujifilm could have put one, it is directly in line with the lens (not that you'll be using the 40i to take many panoramas.. well, you never know).

Unfortunately because of it's position you can't remove the SmartMedia card or change the batteries with the camera on a tripod (unless it's one of those tiny spider-legged mini-pods).

Remote Control

The supplied audio remote (for MP3 playback) doubles as a camera remote. Switch the camera into record mode, connect the remote and the LCD on the remote will give a readout of remaining frames, battery status and small camera icon indicating camera remote mode.

Press the PLAY/STOP button and the camera will take a shot.. Simple as that. Perfect for those self portraits.

Carrying Case

Included with the 40i is this carrying case, it has a soft interior (to protect that nice alloy body) along with a small inside pocket for additional SmartMedia cards and a belt loop on the back.

On the left side is a small opening for connecting the remote / headphones for audio playback while carrying the camera.


On the left bottom corner of the camera are all the I/O connections. A USB port for downloading images / uploading audio, A/V out for playback of images on a TV (no MP3 audio output), a special remote connector for connecting the supplied remote control (acts as camera remote and audio remote + headphone jack) and DC 3V input.


Supplied with the camera is:
• FujiFilm FinePix 40i digital camera / MP3 player
• Camera / Audio remote control
• Headphones
• Carrying case
• Battery charger (BC-NH)
• 2 x NiMH 1600 mAh rechargeable batteries
• 8/16 MB SmartMedia ID card (3.3V)
• SmartMedia box *not included
• User manual (not shown)
• Software CD-ROM (not shown)
• A/V cable (not shown)
• USB cable (not shown)