First Impressions Summary

As a camera reviewer, I find the Canon PowerShot G16 relatively uninteresting. But if I were in the market for a new high-end zoom compact, I'd definitely be considering it. This might sound like a contradiction, but it's not - new stuff is more exciting than stuff we've seen before, and the G16 doesn't really offer anything new. But that's not a bad thing, by any means. It might be short on flashy new innovations (the markedly improved operational speed notwithstanding) but the G16 is a solid, well-specified camera that does a great job of delivering nice-looking images in a range of different situations.

It's definitely an evolutionary upgrade to the G15, and I wouldn't recommend that G15 owners should seriously consider upgrading (unless they really really really want Wi-Fi) but the G16 is a stronger product than its predecessor and a logical upgrade for anyone using an older G-series model. 

Meanwhile of course, Nikon has announced the Coolpix P7800, a camera intended fairly clearly as a 'G-series killer' which offers a fully articulated rear LCD screen and an electronic viewfinder. These two features alone might be enough to tempt some people away from the G16, which offers neither. The P7800 also features a longer zoom range, from 28-200mm (equivalent). We'll be publishing more content on both cameras in the coming weeks to find out how they stack up. 

Canon PowerShot G16 Sample Gallery (updated Sept 26th 2013)

Canon PowerShot G16 Samples Gallery - published September 26th 2013

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