The PowerShot G16 has a decent, but not particularly outstanding video mode. The key item of interest is 1080/60p capture, which results in extremely detailed, crisp footage which copes well with fast and fluid motion. Optical image stabilization really comes into its own in movie mode as well, and does a great job of reducing shake in footage shot towards the long end of the G16's 28-140mm zoom.

You don't have many options in video mode - exposure compensation can be applied, but that's it for manual control. Optical zoom is available (the zoom motor is slowed when capturing video, so it doesn't intrude on the audio) and after a brief pause the camera will continue to digitally 'zoom' if you continue to hold back the zoom toggle, with a commensurate loss of quality.

There's a wind-cut filter, but the only options are 'off' and 'auto'. We had mixed results when using it - in the clip of the airplane, below, wind cut was set to 'auto' but wind noise is still a major factor in the resulting footage. All of the three clips below were shot in highest quality 1080/60p capture mode. Image stabilization is extremely effective in movie mode, as you'll see from our clips, all of which were shot hand-held. 

Sample Video 1

In this video, the G16's wind cut feature was set to 'auto' and even so, wind is very prominent on the footage. From a visual point of view though, this clip is crisp and detailed, and image stabilization does a great job of reducing shake on what was a pretty breezy day. 

Sample Video 2

In this clip, the benefit of 60p footage is obvious, as every drop of water seems accurately rendered in fluid (no pun intended) motion. This clip was shot from a sheltered position but on a day with extremely bright overhead light, coming in through trees above the camera. The occasional pulses of light which you can see on this footage are likely caused by flare from sunlight reflecting from the water, back up into the lens from below. 

Sample Video 3

This video was shot right at the end of the day, and the footage is a little smooth as a result of noise-reduction. Image quality remains high though and importantly, audio is faithfully recorded, and the action of zooming has no discernible impact on the soundtrack of this clip.